Friday, May 06, 2011

Foto Friday: Week 17

This week's theme is quite fitting for Sunday. I wanted to do a shot with my mom but she hasn't been in this week and won't be till this afternoon. So instead I went with MY motherhood. And since I am "in the mothering way" I went with my belly. I wanted to have Eli stand and put his hand on my belly but he just couldn't stay still for me.... so Lucy helped me out AGAIN. :)
week 17 - Mother
Love the shot of Heather and her mom (both great ladies!!) and Mary's great color and crop!!


DeeMomof6 said...

Simply Beautiful

The Steed's said...

I love Foto Fridays! Congrats, #4 on the way!

LindsayB said...

so great to be 'in the mothering way' isn't it?! cute pics. loved the scrappy stuff too last post.

Heather M. said...

Totally love your photo. Love the look on Lucy's face.