Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In the Craftroom: Scrapbooking Lately

I have not had the time to scrapbook lately. If I have free time I feel like I need to edit pictures. I have lots of shoots to edit and some that need to get done soon for posters for a violinist and weddings and newborns and families. But I did take a little window of time on Sunday night and about an hour Monday to scrapbook. And it was mmmmmmaaaaarvelous! Some fruits of my labor.
22 things I've learned as a mom
3 parts to my heart
9 Years
I am a photographer


Alysha said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda!!!!! These are GORGEOUS! I'm so happy you took the time to scrap. Now I'm itching even more to do some.

The Lowry's said...

You are amazingly talented with scrapbooking. I love your style.

Amy said...

I love all the buttons and hearts. Hmm, now I know if I have buttons to get rid of that you'll gladly take them. :)

Laura Beth said...

your family is blessed to have you as the wife/mother. you are such a great one. i love your scrapbooking!!

Amy said...

Hey Rhonda!

It was so exciting to see that I made it on to your blog! The scrapbooking is beautiful, and you said such lovely things about us. We just had our first anniversary a few days ago, crazy to think its been a year already! Luv you lady!