Monday, September 27, 2010

Did you know

.....that my oven has not been working since LAST friday?! As in I have not been able to bake anything in the oven in over four days. It is KILLING me. Lucy wanted muffins for her snack day today. Couldn't do it. No oven. And this weekend we are having her birthday party - which she wants as a Bake Shop party. Kinda hard to bake without an oven. All I have to say is, that part better come in like today!!!!!

...I loooove going on photo walks in the evening. Just taking my camera out and seeing whatever I see. These three first ones were taken like seconds apart. But I was manipulating the dials to get different effects. Aren't cameras COOL!!!!
Changing the light
Lethbridge at dusk
The Coulees
... speaking of photo walks. Regan has taken to using my old Camera. I never did send it away yet to get fixed. So sometimes it doesn't even work. But he is playing with it and we are out taking pictures. It's kinda fun :)
Camera man

.....that the older I get the more I am grateful for my parents. They give and give and give and give. And have sacrificed so much over the years. I wish they got more credit for all they do and have done.

......the Eli has officially made it to the terrible twos. He has started being a little stinker and shouting NO if he disagrees or he just feels like it. He is talking a lot lately. Saying really funny things. Two is such a funny age. It is filled with lots of terribly cute things and terribly frustrating things.

....I am really enjoying my Macro lens. A lot. This is little Harrison whilst I was babysitting him last Thursday.
His close up

.....the upcoming weekend I have a wedding in Calgary to shoot. But since Regan is on call I am going to have to drive up the morning of the wedding and drive home the same day. With 8 hours of shooting in the middle. Wowee that's gonna be a LONG day.

...I have become obsessed with CLOUDS.
Fall sky

.....I am doing lots of cute things for Lucy's upcoming birthday party this weekend. Sewing things and making invites. I'll share it all next week.

.....I finally decided to cut Lucy's hair. She HATES having it done. And really, I'm not that good at doing her hair. So I convinced her to get it cut. And I LOVE it. It is sooooo much easier to do now. :)
Hair cut!
.....I love it when Regan and I just get time to talk to each other. About whatever. Everything and anything. Love Love Love it. Love Love Love him.


Lisha said...

I hope your oven gets fixed soon Rhonda! And I love your blog. I love how you sometimes just put down an idea with some pictures. I think I'm going to have to start doing that more on my blog.

rebecca said...

love the photos Rhonda! looking forward to seeing Lucy's cute party! hope that oven gets fixed ASAP!

Kristin said...

Cute new haircut....we are debating about cutting Joelys hair.

I went like 5 months without an oven once when we first married ;-) Needless to say I am a wiz at pressure cooking and crock-potting now!

I cant wait to see the bake shop party pictures!

Kristin said...

Oh yes...I've also wondered if 3's are harder then 2's....Ive always had a more difficult/fun time time when my kids are 3 ;-)

Meaghan Clark said...

I love that shot or Regan! Looks like it should be in a catalog somewhere!

Meaghan Clark said...

...I meant to say "of" not "or" LOL. I swear I'm not after your husband!

Susie said...

I LOVE Lucy's hair it is so stinkin cute. That would be funny if you had to buy her birthday cake. he he. But not really.

The Lowry's said...

Wow, thats tough to have no oven. One of those things we don't realize until its gone. Can't wait to see all the cute things and ideas from the birthday party. I bet it will be spectacular.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

My dishwasher is broken. But I think oven would be harder to go without.
Love Lucy's new haircut. So cute!!!

Brooke Snow said...

Lucy's new do is fabulous! Hope the oven returns to working order soon!

Anonymous said...

I love her hair! She looks so big now. I don't use my big oven to bake. I have a counter top oven that I love love love. We used it so much that we killed it a few years ago and had to buy a new one. Found it at Sears. It has two racks and rotisserie too.

LindsayB said...

broken oven? sucks worse for you than me! i think i used my oven last wednesday. love lucy's sassy new do.

Alysha said...

Love the first pic with the flare :)
Love Lucy's hair cut - she looks soooo cute!
Love that you 2 go out and take photos together. I wish Jimmy actually got home at a time where we could do that too...

Marie said...

Regan looks dashing in that picture!

Can you send me that photo of Harrison? I just LOVE it and it needs to be framed.

I can't wait to hear all about Lucy's baking party. (you know me and kid parties!) I hope you have your oven fixed!!!

Brooke said...

Love Lucy's new cut. Broken oven wouldn't even be hard for me since I rarely use our's because it heats up our place so much that its not worth it.

Amy said...

You can come bake at my house if you share haha. It's hard to imagine you NOT baking, I can only guess how frustrating that is for you.
I LOVE that Regan is learning to share your love of photography. You two are so great together.
I was admiring the falls colors in the river bottom today too, so beautiful.

Abby said...

Maybe Lucy should get an Easy-Bake oven for her birthday! That's brutal, I'd have a tough time with that too - hopefully it gets fixed soon!

Loved your descripition of the terrible 2's as terribly cute and terribly frustrating - I'd say that's pretty accurate!

And the pictures are lovely as always!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your thoughts. I hope your oven part comes in soon. EEKS! That would be stressful.

And Regan is totally stylin' in that photo. :)

Visible Voice said...

Whoa 18 comments!! I'm a little late here.

Just here to say that your photos make me want to go on more walks to find some pretty stuff to practice my new lens on!