Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Things

1. I am trying to switch Eli's sleeping (since he's going to be the death of me - 4 am on Saturday morning!) and now when I wake him up from his 30 minute naps in the afternoon he is still el-zonko. So I get to sit and hold him. And I've been enjoying it. Since he's was past the snuggly stage (way to many things to do other than snuggling) I enjoy that I get to hold him. And take pictures of him while he sleeps. Although I am supposed to be waking him ;)
Sept 8 - Sleeping Eli
2. My friend Megan brought me back this pile of fabric from the states. I am making it into lots of fun things to sell. Megan and I are going to have a table at a craft table in November and since she told me about it and I decided to do it I have been making piles of lists of cute things to make and sell. Dolls and aprons and car rolls and all sorts of cute things. I'll be doing lots of wooden things too - but I'm starting with the sewing!
Sept 9 - Future
3. I really enjoy making donuts. I think it's fun. And I love serving them too since people always enjoy eating them. I made a bunch for our ward's corn bust last week. mmm donuts.
4. Now is the time of year for many photo shoots for me. One of my most recents that I really love. And there are LOTS more on my site from this shoot and lots of other ones - with more coming all the time!
The Music all Around
5. I am surprised how much my ankle is still sore when I stand on it too much or walk too far. I thought it would be done hurting but I was definitely wrong!


Anonymous said...

OH MY. The violinist shot is gorGEOUS! I want one taken that way of Dan w/ his guitar. Wowzers!

Oh and I want to lick the screen for the donuts.
Will you have a giveaway of a craft on your site when you get sewing? Pls.

KellyLady said...

good luck with the sleeping thing! I too would love to change some habits of sleeping or should I say non-sleeping children!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog and hearing your thoughts. I hope you get Eli sleeping longer soon - that would send me over the edge.

Can't wait to see all the beautiful things you create with those fabrics. :)

Melissa said...

mmmm....donuts! They look so yummy in that picture, i may need the recipe!

Amy said...

Cute material, I look forward to seeing what comes of it!
Yep, that's my favorite from the violinist shoot.
Your donuts are awesome, so yummy.
And I hope you can Eli into a better sleep pattern. Sleep for the mommy can't be over rated.

Lara said...

I am in LOVE with your violinist shot. And I went and looked at the rest, and those are some genius pictures!

Visible Voice said...

Um please bring me some donuts. Then we'll get to hang out. Win win. ;)

Lora said...

I have to agree, the violinist shot is beautiful! Hopefully soon Eli will be sleeping longer.

Abby said...

That's an AWESOME Picture of Bro H! I love the sheet music blowing around! You are a photographic genious!

Marie said...

I LOVE THAT SHOT OF DAVID! It is amazing! So beautiful!

If I were in his family, I'd get a large one printed and professionally framed and give it to him for Christmas or Father's Day or something.