Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Important Time of the Day

I think one of the hardest parts of the day is between 330pm until bedtime. Kids come home hungry and tired. They come home needing reassurance and some come home needing some time to themselves (Alden). Some come home bursting with excitement about whatever happened during the day. It's also the time before supper where you are supposed to be getting that ready. And the time for homework. And the time for baths and lots of other things. Play time that kids missed. If you do piano or soccer or any of those things. It often all seems crammed into those I'm-so-tired-and-sleepy-myself-so-I'm-crabby-and-when-is-dad-coming-home moments. I have a hard time around then.

But I do think that that is one of the most important times of the day. When I can provide moments with my kids that are important. I wonder if I need a schedule. If I need to be better prepared for when they come home. To focus more on having a good healthy snack first thing, a little bit of time for them to relax and play and then time at the table for home reading and homework, with some inkling of what I am making for supper.

Seems I haven't gotten all that together since we started back to school. But I want to. I want to get my ducks in a row and be serious about greeting my children with a smile and being fully involved with them at this important time of the day.

How do you handle the after school pre-supper time?

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KellyLady said...

ugh! I hear you! I'm better at it on the days that I'm teaching lessons - more organized! I try to do a 2 week supper menu so supper is a no-brainer. Sometimes I don't feel like making something a particular day so I swap days or make something similiar - it helps a little. That way I can do some prep during the day if I know after school is crazy. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I do have a snack ready when they come in the door. Usually someone is in the kitchen w/ me as I cook but the meal is always planned so it goes faster. Pre-cut stuff during the day when you're doing snacks anyways. Everyone knows what is expected of them to help out...set table, feed animals, lend a hand when needed. I try to have a few ready meals on the busy nights so that we can just heat things up. Thanks to Mike for the meals he made before he went away too!

Visible Voice said...

I think that those simple things that you've just mentioned...snack ready, time to themselves and then homework time at the table sounds so perfect. And have I mentioned "The Big Cook" to you yet?? If I have ignore me but if I haven't tell me. It may cut out your supper stress.

Now can you please tell me how to have more then one child because I'm petrified. Utterly.

shannon said...

Hi Ronda!
The million dollar question! I'm sure you have heard of it, but in desperation I brought it and am using it! The app works AWSOME! "The More Time Moms Family meals" cookbook & app. I have spent less time in a grocery store and cooking then ever! I love it! The meals are pretty healthy and fresh. I have switch some nights up and used recipes we like a bit more. Most importantly 5 days a week I don't think about it. The food is in the fridge for the recipe in the book. I can't recommend it enough. My new favorite thing to deal with hockey,violin, karate, cubs, and a husband that sometimes works nights! I think life would be easier if all my children did the same actives at the same time, on the same side of the city!GOOD LUCK!

Crystal said...

I agree that planning and being organized before the kids come home is crucial. I also found that a routine was helpful so everyone knew when they'd have free time was important. I think just having Mom / Dad home and good food / snacks ready really make for happier kids. If you think it's crazy where you are, I can't resist asking you to imagine having a dairy farm and doing chores for 50+ cows during that time too :)) But there were benefits too - one of which is that our kids are great time managers. Enjoy these years, Rhonda - you know they will pass quickly!

Jen and Ian Isackson said...

We aren't worrying about school yet but I have been using your meal planning sheet for months now and I LOVE it! It helps me be more organized for dinner because I don't have to stand in the pantry wondering what the heck I am going to make for dinner! Ian and I do our plans on Sunday along with the grocery list we need and then Monday night for FHE we go grocery shopping together. It has been working so well. Thanks Rhonda!

Abby said...

Pre-supper is our tough time too - yikes! Let me know if you find anything helpful!

Anonymous said...

I must say that time of day is a challenge for me now and I don't have any in school. I can't imagine how much more challenging it is going to get when I do. My mom always had a snack ready when we got off the bus when we were little and I remember how wonderful that was.