Thursday, September 02, 2010


Aug 30 - First Day
1. First day of grade two for Alden. First day of Kindergarten for Lucy. No it's the not the best shot, but Eli was trying to run into the street, I have a sore ankle still from my fracture and the street was LINED with people who were going to school too. But we did it :)

2.Eli has been sleeping bad again lately and I am tired every day. Yet I stay up to get things done like editing pictures and canning fruit and seeing Regan when he comes home from work.

3. I have eaten a LOT of peaches in the last 4 days. I mean A LOT.

4. My friend Rebecca is having a giveaway on her bog today. And she just moved her whole little family (4 kids) over to a tropical island so her husband could attend medical school. She takes great pictures and is sharing lots of neat things about their new home. Go read it.

5. Last week before school started my lovely friend Heather & her two kiddos came and stayed with us. It was so fun.
A Quiet moment together
His Hiding SpotDress up Friends

6. I bought this book recently and have been making lots of stuff out of it lately. It is SUCH A good book!

7. I can't believe it's September!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand what the photo giveaway was. Is that a photographer thing? I can't believe Lucy is in school!!! The kids still remember Alden in the backyard and Lucy crawling.
It will be quiet now...

Kristi said...

So funny that you are canning. Funny because I canned for the first time ever...just last week. I made salsa from the enormous amount of tomatoes we have. I'd probably can peaches if my little man didn't eat them all so quickly. Love your's so cute!

Lora said...

Oh your kids look so cute! It's amazing to think that Lucy is in Kindergarten, when I met you Alden was in Kindergarten. I hope they had a great 1st day. That book looks good, I'm going to check it out from the library.