Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A look into my Tuesday

My counter yesterday was full of baking. I have a whole bunch of fruit that needs to be made into stuff. So I made apple pies for the freezer, and two kinds of jam and banana muffins. And I have more to use up... so something else needs to be made tomorrow.
Aug 31 - My counter today

Ah I love it when this kid smiles. It makes my hear sing! I think it will be quite an adjustment around here with just me and him.

This child wears the oddest combination of clothes. Some days I wish she had a sign that said "I DRESS MYSELF". At least today she got all the colors matching (totally something she is still working on!) She was home all day since they only start one day the first week for Kindergarten (which she is quite upset about).
Today's Outfit

It was quite the day :)


Alysha said...

mmmm apple pie!! that sounds so good right now. i don't know how you get it all done. i'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I want a good recipe for freezer pies. Do share madam.
I'm busy with pickled carrots and going to try ketchup this year.

Stacia said...

I love how your DD dressed herself in your photo - fabulous! :D

Nicole Duban said...

I saw the apple pie photo featured on Becky's Blog! I'm inspired to start baking!