Monday, November 30, 2009

32 things at 32

Since it's my birthday thought I'd share some things about myself....
1. I hate socks in bed. (Regan tries to sneak in with them.) I just can't stand socks in bed. Can't explain it, just HATE it.
2. I love avocados. I'd eat one every day if I could.
3. I am not a morning person. I wish I was. But I'm NOT.
4. I always shower in the dark in the morning (see #3)
5. I have been on a crafting kick lately. Made 3 things for my home and other crafts too.
6. I have a hard fast rule I've always lived by. No Christmas until after my birthday. December 1st starts Christmas. But this year I broke down and started listening to Christmas music the beginning of this week. And I even decorated a bit already.
7. I am taking cheer leading pictures for the University Cheer leading team tonight. Totally new experience for me. We'll see how it goes!
8. I'd love to book some more weddings to shoot with my brother Sean. I always have so much fun with him when we do them.
9. I love games. One of my very favorites is Bunko.
10. I have an insanely messy van. Like I'm always trying to open and close it fast so no one sees how messy it is. It's embarrassing!
11. I love cooking for people.
12. I even love cooking for big groups. I've always wanted to try my hand at catering for some big event.
13. I dream about my one day kitchen. White bead board cupboards. Full standing freezer next to a full standing fridge. (it is a dream!)
14. I have three sister in laws that live far away. And I wish all of them lived closer.
15. I don't see my family as much as I thought I would when we moved to Southern Alberta.
16. I "follow" a lot of blogs. Seriously. Lots. But you can just check one screen to see all the updates and it cuts out a lot of time.
17. I love the tv show Lie to Me and the Mentalist.
18. My new favorite thing is to rent movies on iTunes and watch them on my computer. Then I never get late fees.
19. Speaking of late fees I am horrible at getting back books to the library on time.
20. I really have a hard time buying pants. Either they come down way to low (and don't cover my baby leftovers) or they are way to short and are floods. It's a big problem.
21. A couple posts back I posted a list of questions where I said my favorite color was orange. It's not. I missed that question when I copied and pasted it. My real favorite color is green. Martha Stewart green.
22. I am going to sew Lucy a dress for Christmas. I already have the fabric and the pattern.
23. I am making mostly homemade presents this year. And I am SUPER excited about the one I found to make for my SIL....... :)
24. I am already stressed thinking about what to buy Reg for Christmas. He is absolutely the hardest person to buy stuff for. He wants nothing.
25. One of my favorite heroes is Nelson Mandella. I think he is an amazing man. I loved his autobiography.
26. I want a Cricut.
27. Our printer is on the fritz and it kinda drives me batty.
28. I love having blog followers. I know lots of people look at my blog (i have a counter thing that shows a map and the numbers and where the look, etc) and I think it'd be ever cooler to have lots of followers on there. But at the same time that'd be a little nerve wracking.... what if I write lame stuff. (like #19)
29. We watched Transformers 2 last night. It was like an ad for Megan Fox and a car commercial. And seriously if you were running in the dessert from a huge Decepticon WHY would you be holding has while you ran? That's gonna speed you up for sure....
30. I often worry that I am not worthy of the amazing life I have. Someone day someone is gonna realize I snuck in here and kick me out.
31. I love love love love love Micheal Buble's music. A lot.
32. Sometimes when people ask how old I am, my first response is still to say I am twenty five and...... I'm NOT


M and J Smith Family said...

Happy Birthday Rhonda!

Lara said...

Happy Birthday!

My van is a mess, and I never turn anything in to the library on time. Speaking of, I have books due tomorrow. Perhaps I'll get them there yet.

And I still feel like telling people I'm 26. Not sure why that comes to mind first...I had my first child at 26. NINE years ago, LOL! :)

Alysha said...


The Super Seven said...

Loved that post!!! How I wish you still lived here....hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite things about living here is our library system - no late fees!

Denise said...

I said it on FB but I'll say it here too. Happy Birthday Rhonda!! I hope the year ahead holds wonderful things in store for you. {{Hugs}}

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

KellyLady said...

What a fun post for a birthday! I hope you have a great day!....and my first instinct is to tell people I'm 25...and I'm not either! LOL.

Visible Voice said...

Happy Birthday!!! Oh how I loved this. And oh how we have sooo much in common. I you to move next door to me. WAIT! No no you can't move next to me...I wouldn't put you through that...I'd move next to you. Way funner! And I'm going to stay 25 until people don't believe me anymore.

Jessie said...

Happy happy Birthday! I loved your list! We should start a Bunko group! I love that game too!

Lisa C said...

Happy, happy birthday Rhonda dear!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

Susie said...

Hey you happy birthday. No way your 32 no way. We are celebrating for you too. Hope you have a good one.

LindsayB said...

happy birhday! hope the photo shoot went good. i'm getting derek a towel for christmas, he deserves something special this year. i believe i am that sil this year?!

Amy said...

Gah, I LOVE wearing socks to bed. Sometimes my toes are so icy I can't sleep until my socks are on.
Great list Rhonda, so fun getting to know you better.
Happy Birthday!