Monday, November 16, 2009

His favorite things as of late

are totally the phone and goldfish.
He cries and cries and cries to talk on (even though he doesn't really talk)The only reason he would EVER hand over a phone is cause it doesn't really work. One day I let him "talk" on it to my mom and after he cried for 10 minutes about it. Like LOUD crying. It was nuts-o! So he doesn't ever get the phone anymore!
We saved our old phones when we got new ones for him to play with cause it's more real.... but I should have saved the charger so it would still beep. I didn't think of that til AFTER I took out the garbage. And there are some things I'm just NOT willing to do for my kids. One being digging thru the garbage bin.
HE loooooves goldfish. Almost un-healthily. Seriously loves them.
Sorry I got distracted by those cute little toes....
what was I talking about.... right his current love affair with goldfish.

Also loves playing peek-a-boo

And if you ask him something he does this like "i don't know"

I've decided he should be a baby model. He's just so cute. But they'd probably fire him since he'll never sit still. These took a LOT of work :) Hence the phone and the goldfish so he'd sit still!! I wanted to try out my new reflector and he was the only kid home at the time. I think he did pretty good :)


Lara said...

He is adorable! :)

Visible Voice said...

Hee hee...this post made me giggle!

Alysha said...

he is so cute. best blue eyes!!!

Let the party begin... said...

He is seriously cute!

Abby said...

*sigh* A little boy and his phone . . . so cute! I totally love the toddler stage.

Carmen said...

Ethan loved the phone too. It's a strange thing... He is adorable!!

LindsayB said...

awwww, cutie. my kids are both still obssessed with the phone. 'can i say hi? can i say hi?'

Mary MacAskill said...

What a cutie! I can't get Sadie to sit still either. I have to bribe her with Cheerios or lately, Skittles. Then I have to work fast before all the sugar kicks in! :)

KellyLady said...

Love the pics!

Amy said...

Yep, he'd be a stinkin cute baby model.
I LOVE Goldfish too Eli, let's hang out!

Heather M. said...

these are awesome, rhonda!!! he is so sweet!

Jennifer said...

Love these pics! So cute :-)