Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Calendar 2009

For our advent calendar I am doing a combo. I am combing a Christmas book plus an activity or craft. Now this is a list of all our books and crafts/ activities. I am not doing them in this order. I'll do them according to what we can fit in that day. If there isn't a link to the idea then I think it's pretty self explanatory. You are welcome to use the same idea, just adjust it to the books you have. Like using a snowman book for making a snowman, etc. Clear as mud? :)

2009 Advent Book + Activity Calendar
1. Snowmen at night: Build a real snowman or make a paper snowman out of cottonballs
2. What Star is this? Cut out Paper Snowflakes
3. Dora’s Christmas Parade: Make homemade musical instruments and have a parade
4. Franklin’s Christmas Gift: Prepare Secret Santa gifts and drop off
5. Winter Wishes: Write letters to Santa
6. Sam’s Snowy Day: Build a real snowman (if didn’t do it) or make snowman cupcakes
7. I’ve seen Santa: Handprint Santa on cards or gift tags
8. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer: Reindeer cookies or decorate reindeer craft
9. Merry Christmas Little Critter: Wrap presents
10. Nativity: Make handprint angels
11. This is the Stable: Sparkly pinecones
12. The First Night: Gingerbread playdough
13. The Biggest Snowball Ever: Borax snow flakes
14. A Shepard’s Gift: Mittens for Grammy
15. Polar Express: Make Jingle Bell Necklaces
16. Joy to the World: Jesus Cutting and Coloring Page
17. Come and See: Nativity Page
18. Santasaurus: Gumdrop Characters
19. Christmas Trolls: Decorate our tree
20. The littlest Christmas Elf: watch the movie the Happy Elf
21. Russell’s Christmas Magic: Pin the Nose on the Snowman Game
22. The Night Before Christmas: Snowman/ Reindeer cookies
23. The Christmas Story: Rip and glue Paper Plate Wreath (rip green paper and glue onto a paper plate)
24. The Story of Christmas: Felt Gingerbread Boy


Patti said...

Thanks so much for all the great little craft ideas. I'm so going to be doing them with my little boy! :-) I love reading your blog - thanks for sharing!

The Mommy Teacher said...

I love all of your ideas...I just did a similar thing but without the books...I love it!

Abby said...

Wow - that's an amazing list! I usually just wing-it from day to day!

Crystal said...

Your place sounds like a fun place to be these days!

P.S. I tagged you over at my blog :))