Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Did you know


that this little girl got up twice last night and 4 times the night before? Her reasons? My blankets were too fuzzy, my room was too dark, it was too noisy in my room, it was too quiet in my room, just to name a few.

that this little girl said to her brother a couple days ago "but Alden, I just like to talk from the time I get up til the time I go to bed!!" (soooo the truth!)

that this little girl's preschool teacher told me she was ready for kindergarten in the fall, that she is the kind of student that a teacher dreams about because she is helpful, obedient and kind to everyone.

that this little girl is getting quite tall and thin.

that this little girl recently started saying things like "but am I going to be the prettiest girl there?" (not sure why this started and I'm not such a fan of it!)

that this little girl has matching eyes to her baby brother.

Looks like the donut recipe is wanted! I'll be sure to post it this week. Along with an update on my MSBH Challenge! Tomorrow I am attempting to make homemade cream puffs and chocolate eclairs for a baby shower.


LindsayB said...

i can practically hear her saying all those things. oh dear, she has been hangin around alli too much with the pretty comment, i hate that! (not that they hang out, that alli talks about her looks a lot)

ps, that sounds like my kinda baby shower!

Heather M. said...

what a monkey getting up in the night like that! eeks! is eli sleeping through for you now?

she is beautiful and funny and we miss her!

Amy said...

Oh Lucy, too funny!

Alysha said...

i wonder why she's getting up... sorry about that - definitely no fun at all. love those baby blues!!!

Visible Voice said...

I want to hang out with Lucy. So that way she can teach me how to think like a cute princess again.

Abby said...

What AMAZING eyes your kids have!!