Saturday, November 28, 2009

Download Day

I made this last week for myself and thought I would share it.
I love having a menu plan. I am better prepared when it is 500pm and Eli is acting like he is going to die if he doesn't eat soon. I added in snacks too since I need to think ahead about planning healthy snacks.


Same deal as last download.
You can download it from flickr or you can download it by going to 4shared and downloading it by clicking on the image below. .



LindsayB said...

i was hoping you would fill it out with all the meals and snacks. i hate thinking of what to make.

Amy said...

I am a much happier mommy if I have meals thought out ahead of time. I find I go to the grocery store less too if I have a plan and have bought ahead of time.

Let the party begin... said...

I'm wih LindsayB...where are the recipes, lol?