Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Princess Turns 4.

Lucy turns four on October 5th. Can't believe she's getting that big!
On Friday afternoon we had Lucy's Princess party. With lots of frilly dresses and girlie crafts and pink pom poms and felt crowns and lots of dancing girls and posing for pictures. It was a marvelously fun girlie party. (with one prince too)

For part of the party the girls and the one boy posed for the camera in their cute outfits. They were LOVING it. Seriously. Some took a couple turns doing it since it was such a big hit! :)

For their party favors I made a felt crown for each girl (each was a bit different) and gave them a bag of candy. I was going to sew each a little sewn pink bag filled with the crown and candy and other stuff but then I realized I was trying to go a little overboard on the party. So I didn't make them. It was more cause I would think they were cute than the girls really liking them. (Some times I can go a little over board on things...........)

For her birthday cake she picked a Banana Carmel cake with pink icing. She wanted ruffles. And since I made a mascarpone cheese icing, I just made ruffles around the edges (since it is quite soft (and SUPER yummy) icing. And I added the fake flowers just cause I thought they'd look cute. (One of the girls told me that it was a grown up cake and not a princess cake - but whatever, Lucy liked it and I thought it was pretty) And the pompoms for decoration from a tutorial from my cute crafty friend Melissa. I hung them over Lucy's bed now (hmmm maybe I'll take a picture of it for you someday)
The girls did a little craft (one of Lucy's favorite things to do!) of decorating picture frames for their photos of them that I took on the day of the party.
For some of the food I also made the same Banana Nut bread (as muffins) and the Pumpkin Bread (so good that I will share the recipe some time this week!).

MSBH Challenge 7(Banana Carmel Cake), 8 (Mascarpone icing) & 9 (Pumpkin Bread)


Alysha said...

happy birthday!! what a fun party!!! i bet she loved it!

Amy said...

Cute pictures, I especially love the one of Lucy with Athena. Happy Birthday princess Lucy!

whitney said...

Such a cute party. Just the right amount of overboardness. But not really because it looks like Lucy loved and appreciated it all. The crowns are to die for!

Denise said...

OMGosh, how did Lucy reach four years old so quickly?? She looked just darling (as did all the guests) and you certainly know how to throw a party!!

M and J Smith Family said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Fun party. Few photography questions for you Rhonda. 1) how did you get the pure white background for the princess shots? Photoshop or 'white screen' or other?
2) Cake is gorgeous - but how did you get it to float in the air!!?

Melissa said...

That cake looked so yummy. And what a cute idea to take pics of the kids all dressed up. I love the one of Lucy and Alli, too funny. The pom poms turned out so cute, good idea to hang them above her bed. I always feel bad throwing them away after.

Abby said...

The cake sounds sooooooo yummy - I like the picture of it too (how did you make it float? ;). The pictures are fabulous! I love the one little prince! I'm always so busy trying to run the show at my kids' birthday parties that I'm never able to get very good pictures! Gorgeous!!!!

KellyLady said...

What a wonderful girly party! Love the theme, the decorations, the pictures, the cake! Lucy is a very lucky girl!

Visible Voice said...

I cannot get over how much I love this princess party!!!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Way cute!!

LindsayB said...

happy birthday lucy! what a fun party, those gals look so cute, and that playa of a prince, what a stud.

scrapwordsmom said...

This looks so darling!!! Love those crowns. You are so crafty. And that cake-YUM-O!!

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

Looks like it was a really fun time... the crowns are so cute! Happy Birthday!

Heather M. said...

Happy Birthday, Princess Lucy!

Helayna loves her dress and the cake!

Lydia said...

This is so ridiculously cute, oh I wish I knew some little girls.

Lora said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lucy! What a beautiful party.... such pretty princesses and one handsome prince. That cake was so pretty, perfect for a princess party.