Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Outside pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeee

This little man LOVES being outside.
If he's whining, which he happens to do a lot of (pretty much either causing trouble, laughing or whining) if you take him outside and just let him wander, his mood will instantly get better. (most of the time)
(I see this exact face with exact arms stretched out fairly often during the day!)

Sunday evening walk. It was fffffreezing out. But look at him. He's lovin' it!!

Dad making him laugh by throwing leaves on top of him....

He's totally trouble and a lot of work.
But he's MY trouble.

And in case you are wondering, I folded (and will put away in a minute or two) 6 loads of laundry. Yes that would in fact mean we had nothing to wear. Any of us. My arch nemesis laundry.


Anonymous said...

What a cute guy! I have a guy in my house just like that! And I did six loads of laundry yesterday and! I wish I could say that I was done:)

scrapwordsmom said...

That pic of him laughing is adorable!! And I loathe laundry, too. You should see my dining room table right now...

The Full Nelson said...

Cute pictures! Love his little coat. Good job with the laundry...it never seems to end!

Susie said...

Kids that wanna go outside are work (just getting them dressed eh) and trouble too. Good thing he is so dang cute. I hear he is getting to be more and more fun, maybe a little less clingy is it true?

Lora said...

Great pictures! I really like the last one.
Jack also likes being outside, no matter how cold or wet it is.

Amy said...

I feel the same way about laundry, as I'm sure every mom does.
Your "trouble" is so stinkin cute! My "trouble" sounds like a lot like yours, the first year was pretty horrible, and throw a move in there and I felt like a zombie.
I love the laughing in the leaves pictures, looks like he's having a hearty belly laugh!

Susie said...

p.s your hand looks like the claw in the last picture. he he

Brad said...

Love the laughing leaves pictures, best face he is making!

Of all house work laundry is my favorite. Does that make you mad - ha ha!
My worst is showers, bathtubs, and the microwave. Don't ever ever look in my microwave, it is a mess.

Marie said...

Could his eyes be any bluer? What a gorgeous boy!

Heather M. said...

those photos are so sweet! i just love his big blue eyes!

j was throwing leaves at silas the other day and he was laughing so hard!!!

reminds me of helayna - she would stand at the door begging to go outside all day long when she was the same age. ;)

Abby said...

ADORABLE pictures! Parker was totally like that when he was little! The more I learn about you Rhonda, the more similar I think we are - laundry just happens to be my arch-nemesis too! ;)

Alysha said...


Visible Voice said...

Isaiah is the same way! And laundry and I are arch enemies. Which as much as I'd love to...I can't do cloth diapers...I'd never wash em fast enough and end up using disposables.

Anonymous said...

That little man of yours is such a beauty Rhonda... As for trouble, I have one just like that and wouldn't trade him for all the money in China.. Bad but I love him so much.
Great pics Rhonda. Loved them!!!!

Emily said...

Such cute photos! Just SO sad you don't live near me so you can photo my fam (once we're complete, that is :) Thanks for stopping by!