Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lucy at 4

A look back in photos and a list of things about Lucy right now
* talks from the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed
* says whatever it is she is thinking (as in there is NO filter AT ALL)
* loves all things pink, girlie and princess-ey
* wears size 5 pants (for the length) tightened as much as they will
* loves to read books
* her favorite foods are chicken nuggets & fries, hash browns, hot dogs, fruit, cranberries, and raisin toast
* she recently decided that she always wants water to drink (which is a big change from the usual always milk choice
* came upstairs last week and announced that we would be getting a baby sister since she told Heavenly Father we needed one
* loves to help out with Eli, getting him toys, getting diapers
* loves to play with play food & dishes and polly pocket
* she loves her dad's make up stories about Darryl the inventor and Ella the princess
* loves getting out of the house with somewhere to go or someone to see
* always wants a friend over to play - but ONLY girls
* uses the word never in almost every sentence lately, as in i never get to play with anyone, you never cook chicken nuggets, etc
* loves to play computer games and watch movies (princess ones)
* tells me every day when we get in the car seat that she can't wait to be big enough to not have to go in a car seat like Alden
* loves to listen to kid music especially the bear hunt song
* can go from a full out screaming cry to laughing in 0.3 seconds
* can still throw a mean fist throwing snot flying screaming fit
* hates having her hair washed
* loves to go swimming
* loves to dress up in costumes
* loves her primary class
* is really comfortable bearing her testimony
* can read between the lines very easily, making it especially important to say what you mean with her
* can read her name and Alden's
* wants to go to school all day already
* has a very contagious belly laugh
* makes a lot of funny faces
* loves to do crafts, bake and read with me
* came upstairs today and announced that she now wanted to be a sandwich for Halloween
* is completely full of spice and is going to tell you how it is!
* brings a lot of sunshine into you home while completely giving us a run for our money sometimes!
* is turning into a tall slim beautiful girl!
We are so glad Lucy is part of our family!!

Up for Tomorrow: All about all the baking from today and some recipes
Answers for the questions: It wasn't a floating cake, my friend Pitima was holding it just right so I could take a photo without her in it (not that I don't think she's cute, cause she is ;) ) And I have a white backdrop. I've had it for a while but haven't had a chance to use it til the birthday party.


The Blakeney's said...

she's certainly a beauty!
i love her little piggy tails, and her big blue eyes.

Visible Voice said...

I'm still such a fan of the fairy wings photo by the fence. She's a cutie!

Mikal Imperator said...

Such a cutie! We miss having you here. Jarod tells us that we, along with the Clarke's and the Woddruff's and Shirley, should all go live at Alden's house!

Lora said...

She is very cute and sooo sweet! I miss seeing her run around in her rubber boots.

Heather M. said...

she is such a doll, rhonda! gorgeous photos! we miss her too! helayna loves lucy so much!