Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo Talk: 3x Photography

Three Photo shoot ideas I think would be super fun:
1. One Year Anniversary: A year after a couple has been married, getting dressed up in different outfits. The wedding dress if it still fit, a skirt and shirt or dress, pants and a cute top. Different outfits, different locations. After a year (or more) you are more relaxed with your spouse. It's easier to show affection in front of someone else. And still hopelessly in love.

2. A Day in the Life: Following someone or a family around for a day or a while. A family doing something they love. Or just being together at home. Doing their regular playing and cooking, reading or cuddling.

3. Trash the Dress: oh I can not explain how much I wanna do that! Where girls get all fancied up and we go to grungy places and take fashion-ista pics. I have three locations in mind in Lethbridge that I think would be A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Three Things I wish all photo clients would remember:
1. You are beautiful. There are beautiful things about everyone.
2. Relax. I'd rather have a serious face than a cheesy grin.
3. DON'T threaten your kids for pictures. EVER. Seriously EVER.

Three Things to make an especially good shoot:
1. Good light. (Right when the sun is going down is so the best. Beautiful golden light)
2. Relaxed parents who just let me interact with their kids naturally.
3. People who come knowing how to look and act in front of the camera

Three things you are likely to hear me say at a photo shoot...
1. You'd better have a little kiss now
2. Do you want to see my little trick?
3. Yoooooooooouuuuuuu-wwwhhhhhhhhooooooooo

Three Things I want to improve upon:
1. My technical knowledge of shooting. I have more to learn. Lots more.
2. Better work flow, faster work flow.
3. My Shooting in low light situations.

Three of my Biggest Photography Inspirations are:
1. Tara Whitney
2. Brooke Snow
3. Rebecca Westover

Three things I'd love to purchse:
1. Nikon D700
2. A fancier blog or site
3. A soft box

Three of my favorite latest shots I've taken:

I'd love to see other photog's try my little quiz.
Or anyone really!
So have at 'er and link me up so I can read your answers!


Alysha said...

that picture of lindsay is gorgeous and i love the cowboy one! ok they're all awesome (no surprise there). And i'd LOVE to do a trash the dress shoot. they're SOOOOO much fun!!

Anonymous said...

You could soooo follow us around for a day! I would love it. We start at 6:45!
Come north my friend.

Heather M. said...

love, love, love the wedding silhouette!!!!! beautiful!

totally great quiz! i loved reading more about you. i think you forgot one thing though.

"Say Hi Rhonda!"

Brooke said...

Wahoo!!!! What an honor to make your list! Thanks so much! I loved your fun list of things! I should definitely do a list myself! How fun!

Suz said...

EEEK! I have been dying to see our pics and there it of YOUR favorites. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I can't wait for the others! Love my cowboy (pic too) and know just where its going to hang in my house! :)

LindsayB said...

if everyone just watches america's next top model they will know what to do right?! and you DO totally say all things, had enough weddings done by you that yooooohooooooo is familiar! i love that trash the dress idea so much! i was browsing around and i can't even remember where i was and i swear i saw a wedding dressed bride waist deep kissing her man! i 'don't know if you'll get quite that. and again, thanks for they glam shot.

LindsayB said...

oh yeah, my kids were pretending to take pictures today and they were saying 'say i love pizza, say i love yogurt.' all that random stuff is so you, love it.

Carmen said...

These are beautiful photos Rhonda! Why don't you live closer to me?? I was just saying to Marc the other night that I wanted family pics done, but not cheesy pics - cool ones, and I wanted you to do them... You need to come down for a weekend visit!!

Amy said...

Loved this list, getting to know you better through it, and the 3 pics are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I love your pics! And you made me want to trash my dress:)

Jess said...

I love that pic of Lindsay. Very fun list.

MonaS! said...

I love the cowboy photo - but all your photos are amazing! Loved your quiz.

Marie said...

That cowboy shot is stunning. The colours just pop. Love it.

nichole said...

I love your comment on not making threats to your kids. Really, they are just pictures, and your children are what matter most! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog.

cannwin said...

My sister loves photography. (well I love photography but I'm not very good at it without a computer program that tweaks the things I click)

She's constantly clicking and my kids are usually her trial subjects, which is very nice for me.

I like the photo blogs alot, one of the ones I find most fascinating is this one She's palestinian but lives in New Orleans and she can do some interesting things with her camera and the people around her.

Next month on my blog I'm going to do a photo theme. (I haven't announced it yet, so you're now on the 'in') but I saw this idea in a magazine about making a photo alphabet and it sounded really fun!

Anyway, the post about it will come out on the 31st of this month, you should join in! :)

cannwin said...

sorry... me again. I had this idea once on what I thought would be an amazing photo shoot but my sister didn't like it (or wasn't motivated, who knows).


Photo's of husbands and wives that have some physical distortion. Pose them in loving postions but with the distortion showing. For example i have these scars called keloids all over my back (it's not pretty) if there were a picture with them showing but with him holding me still. If you could show that love goes deeper than physical beauty in a picture I think it would make a beautiful photo essay.

But if you decide to use my idea you have to tell me so I can see how it comes out. ;)

Lanie Ree said...

Those are some great ideas! I especially love Trash The Dress. That would be so much fun.