Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alden turns 7

Seven years ago at this time I was a brand new mom.
8 hours of labor total from start to finish.
A 10 pound 6 ounce baby boy.
Size that surprised every single person there.
Regan, My mom, Dr. Gallagher, the nurse named Ruth, and the student nurse.
Both Regan and I thought we would have a boy.
We did.
A blue eyed, only peach hair, insanely large perfect boy.
I became a mom.
Seven Years old
At 7 years old Alden:
• still quiet and thoughtful
• loves to snuggle with me especially when I am wearing my housecoat. (He sees it as a sign to snuggle)
• on the cusp of learning to read
• loves lego a LOT
• loves to swim and ride his bike and play on the playground at school
• is really tall for his age and insanely skinny
• has recently outgrown his pants again (only for length)
• is working on projecting his voice (he has never been able to yell and is still working on talking loudly - we're on a wait list to see a speech pathologist that specializes in voice)
• has stunning blue eyes and dirty blond hair
• is currently missing 3 teeth (with two more wiggly and one growing back in)
• can be a great help with Eli (if he wants to be) by playing with him, lifting him down when he gets into trouble
• loves to sit and listen to stories, books and also makeup stories from his dad
• has notebooks and notebooks filled with inventions that he has drawn out
• loves to learn about how things work and what makes things go
• favorite foods are spaghetti (we had tonight), pancakes (for his party tomorrow), cheeseburgers, and nutella sandwiches
• switches between his bunk beds - currently its the top bunk
• loves to fill his bed with stuffed animals (he calls them stuffies)
• is a very obedient student at school and church
• loves the Wii at grandpa's house and wants one desperately at our house (no we will NOT be getting one!)
• has a growing testimony of the Gospel and is getting really good at bearing his testimony all one his own
• absolutely loved getting the attention on his birthday this year
• told his class today for show and tell that he recently invented a new game called Zombies
• still has no idea what he wants to be for Halloween
• is obsessed with the Sears Gift Book
• loves to play the computer
• thinks Family Home Evening is the coolest thing and loves it
• is very polite and respectful to adults
• is GOOD at drawing. Adds a lot of details and layers
• is really into building things with anything he can get his hands one
• whenever I empty a box or a toliet paper roll is done he annouces "I know we can make a craft with that!)
• loves all things Pokemon (including the very boring books!)
• is a very easy going child and such a joy to have in our home!

Update on MSBH Challenge:
Aldens' cake tonight and cupcakes for school today was Chocoalte Cake. (I added whipped cream and chocoalte ganache to the cake for us and regular cream cheese icing for the cupcakes for his class)

Over thanksgiving I made:
Coconut Cream Pie
Key Lime Pie
Individual Gingerbread cakes with Chocoalte Ganache
chocgingerbreadcakes (all the kids loved these!)

Plus i made two different kinds of cookies out of the book for my Photography Class I held at my house last night. (no pics of those....)
MSBH Challenge 13 (Coconut Cream Pie) 14 (Key Lime Pie) 15 (Individual Gingerbread cakes) 16 (Chocoalte Ganache) 17 (One Bowl Chocolate Cake 18 (Chocolate Wafers) & 19 (Coconut Pecan Wafers)

And thanks for all the lovely words about the scrapbooking. :) makes me feel all warm a smooshy inside :) smooches


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! And wholly cow those deserts look devine!!! How do you do all you do!!! Do you sleep???

Nelson Family said...

Happy Birthday Alden!! Those desserts look sooo yummy! I've been wondering about the individual ginger cakes...I need to bust out my MSBH!! I'm inspired!!

Visible Voice said...

Yummm...I'd like some cake now. Maybe I'll make brownies. You think 9am is too early for brownies? Happy Birthday Alden. Alden was a baby the first time I saw you in real life. It was at Married Institute that we only ended up going to once because Matt started working weekend evenings then.

Rashelle said...

Your baking looks so good! I can't believe Alden is seven, I'm looking forward to the party pictures.

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I am so so so impressed by your Martha challenge. I love to check and see what you have made. I share your love of reading cookbooks. I love to just look at them.
I think I need to come up with a similar challenge for myself.

Melissa said...

I wish i had a quiet, still boy. I can't believe you have a seven year old. crazy. And those pies looked so yummy, i wish i lived closer to you.

Lora said...

Happy Birthday Alden!!

All those desserts looks so yummy!

Carmen said...

Happy birthday to Alden!!

Those gingerbread cakes look delish!! You must share the recipe!

Heather M. said...

Happy Birthday Alden! He is such a great boy! I wonder what he'll be when he grows up and what he's gonna invent! :)

Those desserts look some yummy!

Mikal Imperator said...

Happy Birthday Alden! Everything looks really great...

But, what do you mean no pictures of the cookies? Was it a photography class or painting?? C'mon, get those cameras out class! ;-)

Alysha said...

happy birthday alden! wow look at you go with all the yummy food. you make me hungry every time i check in to your blog :)

Abby said...

He sounds like such a wonderful little boy (neat picture with the birthday candles)!

Let the party begin... said...

Hsppy Birthday Alden...I hope he enjoyed those yummy desserts because they sure look yummy!

Amy said...

What?! You never did get pics of the treats from enrichment, even after I reminded you haha!?
Alden is such a sweet kid, still amazed at his height. Wow, he can't raise his voice, don't let them teach him how. He'll be a perfect hubby and father LOL. Happy Birthday Alden, can't wait to see pics from your inventor's party.