Saturday, September 30, 2006

good good good

Since my camera is working today....i'll share some photos.

But first I have to comment on the GREAT lunch with Mary and Heather.
Such great ladies. I love making new friends.
And these two are quality. Real and genuine. And fun.
Just lovely. Lots of more time together I hope.
Not a single photo...... next lunch!

So cool to see some of their pages in real life too.
So many little things you miss online.
Embossing, subtle stamping. Little touches that make the page even better.

(This was yesterday's photos....... grrrr)

And for the photos as of late...
Thursday we went to the park with some wonderful new friends that live like 3 doors down from us.
The Chutes
Kenzie is 3 just like Alden.
And Teran is 18 months.
And Sarah the mom is just hilarious. Seriously one of the funniest girls I know.
Cracks me up constantly. And she isn't trying to be funny, she just is funny.
and the Rassmussens.
Carter is 1 just like Lucy.
Leah the mommy - so cute and outgoing.

This morning we took Alden on his CTrain ride. He was so excited. We made it a family affair. And I actually have only been on city transit once before - in Nova Scotia. So it was an experience for me too.
Some of my favorite photos from today.

Aren't I just the luckiest girl around!


Carmen said...

Those are awesome pics! And I am sooo very happy that you have been able to make new friends!! Makes life a lot more easy... Yeah for you!!

LindsayB said...

Sounds like so much fun. I am just loving this nice fall weather like you guys too. Beautiful. BUT no hair picture? Are you going to keep me in suspense until the weekend?

Mary Mac said...

Thos photos are great - except for the black one with the purple streak - definited evidence that you need a new camera!

Crystal said...

Love your photos, Rhonda!!! I love the ones of Alden looking out the window and down the tracks! And the leaf ones are awesome too. Thanks for sharing!!!

MonaS! said...

Love the photos Rhonda! Beautiful fall shots too!

carol said...

Rhonda my dear girl, you need to look into becoming a prophessional photagrapher. I'm deadly serious. You have got an amazing gift. And yes it's just a stage, but the stage will last until he's 21 or so.
with much sympathy -carol

CAROL said...

ps- do you like the way I spelled professional- it was ment as a big emphasis, but fell short. become a PROFESSIONAL!