Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Me (to Lucy): here have your final bite Lucy
Alden: She doesn't want a bite

Alden: what day is it?
Me: it's Tuesday
Alden: it's not Tuesday, it's Friday (erupting into tears)

Me: Alden the TV goes off in 2 minutes.
Alden: ummmm
Me: Did you hear my words? Two minutes.
Alden: Yep
Me: Okay it's been two minutes. The TV goes off.
Alden: It hasn't two minutes, it's been three (erupting into tears)

Alden: what time is it?
Me: Quarter to 12
Alden: what does that mean?
Me: 11:45
Alden: it's not 11:45. (erupting into tears)

Seriously people....
Tell me it's a stage.
Every thing has to be argued.
I mean everything.
Even if I am not talking to him AT ALL.
Plllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee tell me it's a stage.
Even if it's not.... lie to me.
Tell me it's a stage.


Sue said...

It's a stage!!!


whitney said...

Sure Rhonda, it's a stage. As if I'd know! But for your sake I hope it is. And I hope Ro never goes through it. Good luck. I'll come up again and we'll go shopping to distract you. Had a super fun weekend.

MonaS! said...

it is TOTALLY a stage!!!

Anonymous said...

You wrote it so well.
Alden is doing that so you will be able to write about him in your blog.
I love the good things list I might make one of my own
mom steed

Crystal said...

It's a stage, Rhonda - the first of many!!!! You really must record this on a LO so he can read it when he's grown up and has kids of his own!!!

Carmen said...

TOTALLY a stage!! Don't worry - this too shall pass!!

LindsayB said...

sounds like you are in luck and it is a stage. i think its kinda funny and cute, you probably not so much.

Mary Mac said...

Rhonda, let me assure you that it is a stage. Of course, I know zero about little people. But I've heard rumors.


patti said...

oh ya soooo much of a stage, but thanks for sharing!!! It's fun to read! :)

Cate said...

Lol...I'm sure he'll out grow it very soon!

Heather said...

Oh good it's not me. Glad that you wrote them out though I get to frustrated and then forget.