Wednesday, September 13, 2006

potty training stories

While potty training Alden we have been talking a lot about pee and poo.
His first time going poo on the toilet, he was going in his diaper and I stopped him and put him on the toliet and he finished. But hated it.
The next time he went,
he told me his tummy was sick. I told him that meant he needed to go poo.
He disagreed with me, but I led him to the toliet anyways and he sat on it.
After 3 stories and lots of waiting, he went.
He kept checking the toliet to see what was in there.
After some came out, he looked down and said "mom they look like sticks."
I told him people call them logs.
(I thought he would think that was funny, hence more encouragement to keep doing it.)
So he looked again and said "Look 4 logs mom."
Then when Regan came home from school he told dad he did 4 logs.
He likes to mention the word logs every time he goes now.

Fast forward to Monday.
We were having the Missionaries over for dinner.
(They are 19-21 year old young men who travel all over the world to preach and teach about Jesus Christ for 2 years.) Typically them are in pairs, but we had three.
So we are sitting at the table eating our dinner (which I will have to share a recipe tomorrow from cause it was so stinking good!!!) and talking about what we did that day, how Grandma Steed came and took us to the zoo.
Grandma asked Alden what his favorite animal was and he said "Elephants. There were 4 elephants and one of them made a big poo."
He brought it up about 3 times.
Wonderful dinner conversation eh!

He also showed our last visitor his cool underwear.
At least he is excited.
And at least he is doing it.
We'll work on manners later.


Heather M. said...

ROTFLOL!!!!!! At least he's excited!!!

your biggest bro said...

I like poo stories. I have many of my own. I enjoy sharing them. Sharing is nice. I am nice.

Carmen said...

Hey - he is out of diapers and progressing nicely!! If he wants to talk about the "logs", so be it!! It's not like the missionaries have never heard that kind of talk before!!! ha ha haa Oh, but not in my house!! ;)

MonaS! said...

ROTFL!!! Gotta love those stories! At least he's excited about it - good for him!!!

Kathleen-Mother, Wife, Individual said...

What a riot! Ah the poop stage...I can't wait to see what Paisley says. I bet brother and sister will have some choice words to share with her. Logs isn't that bad. Go Aalden!

patti said...

LOL Rhonda, I love it!! He is such a cutie! wooohooo for Alden and potty training! What a fun age for sure!

Heather said...

Congrats to Alden!!! I pray it continues for you. Great stories.