Tuesday, October 03, 2006


On Saturday afternoon I went with my mom to a Quilt show.
My mom is a quilter.
I dabble in it.
But I wouldn't consider myself a quilter.
I sure do enjoy seeing them though.
The different designs and fabrics.
It is amazing.
There were so many amazing quilts.
Works of art.

When I got home I was so inspired to scrapbook.
I had to start two little journals.
One for stories I want to share.
And one for layout ideas.
Cause they are bursting inside of my head and heart.

I think that is the neat thing about art.
In all forms.
It can transfer into all areas of your life.
Art moves you.
Brings out that something in you that just aches to create.
Create beautiful things with paper and glue and photos
or with a pen
or with your sewing machine.
I love that part of me.
That is alive. And urging inside of me.
My own art. In my own forms.
My unique voice.
How great is that!

What inspires you?
And what do you want to create?
A web page?
A group of new photos?
A quilt?
A card?
A homemade meal?
Decorate a room?
That is art.
We all have it inside of us.
Let it out.


Drennans said...

Nice Blog!

Carmen said...

Quilting amazes me. I am not a quilter. I do not have the patience or the focus for that. But I am constantly inspired by interior design. Magazines; store front displays; tv shows; just a single object... All give me the desire to create and do better. It is amazing.

SmileyCarrie said...

Great post!!
I have quilted before because my Mom, too, is a quilter. I enjoyed it and I love the fabrics (they remind me of my love for patterned paper). I made a quilt for my bed once..

I am inspired by all arts... photography.. commercials.. cross-stitch (i have been cross-stitching lately too!)

Jodi Pilling said...

Nicely said Rhonda, I couldn't agree with you more! :)

Crystal said...

Great ideas, Rhonda! You put it so well and affirm what I know too!

carol said...

well said! I have been combining my art with scrapbook looks and guess what- they can't get enough of it! more more more! Rhonda you need to come see some of this stuff!