Wednesday, September 20, 2006

10 super super good things

1. This cutest shirt from Old Navy that Lucy is wearing today. I'd take a picture but my camera isn't working. (grrrr.)

2. First Meals. I love recipe books. I like to read them like novels. And I think this is the essential book to have when you have babies. They have a new Canadian edition out and it is even better. (kinda wanna keep the new one I got for a SIL and giver her my old one.... but I won't.)

3. Fresh peaches and strawberries. Both my kids (and me) love fresh fruit. We eat a lot of it. I mean a lot. I have been getting a 2 lb thing of strawberries and about half a dozen peaches and we eat them all up each week. mmmmmmmm. Too bad the season is ending soon.

4. My Regan. He sends me emails from school. Now that he is gone so much more than I am used to I really appreciate that he takes the time to send me little notes. Electronic love notes. How sweet is that!

5. I reorganized and cleaned-up and straightened our entire basement yesterday. I like to walk down their just to see how clean it looks. That feels good.

6. Rebecca Sower's blog here . Love her work. Love her journaling. Love her blog.

7. My bed. For our wedding my inlaws gave us a new bed. And for 4 years while we were in Nova Scotia sleeping on another (seriously horrible) bed I thought about it every night - on many occasions. And in the morning too. I LOVE my bed. A lot.

8. Alden uses the toilet. That rocks.

9. I got my hair cut. (With bangs Lindsay!) and I'd show you.... but my camera isn't working....grrr

10. This lady. MaryAnn Kohl. I am always always always on the lookout for fun things to do during the day to enrich my kids life. And as a kid my mom always did art. Art was/is a part of life. And I want to give that to my kids. I have looked at tonnes of books from various libraries about kids and art. Read lots about it. And I just found this little gem of a book this past week. This is not a borrowing book. This is a buying book. Just a little insight from her introdcution (which I think applies generally to everyone, not just two year olds and toddlers.)

"Toddlers and two explore art as a learning experience or an experiment, discovering what is stimulating and interesting....During the process, toddlers and twos discover their own independance, as well as the mystery of combinations, the joy of exploration, the delight of creating, and the frustration of challenges - all important pieces in the puzzle of learning. Whatever the resulting artwork... it is the only the result of "doing at" not the reason for doing art.... The art process allows... exploring, disovering and manipulating their worlds. The adult's job is simply to allow this process to happen." Good eh!

I challenge you to take time and think of some good things in your life.


LindsayB said...

oh wow, those really were 10 super super good things. you are so good at being so positive. i think i better think of 10 super super good things. thanks for the challenge. can't WAIT to see your hair.

MonaS! said...

Well Rhonda, you have challenged me and I am going to head over to my blog and do the same thing. What a wonderful thing to remember all the little things - all the fabulous blessings in your life! You really are a blessed woman. And you are a beautiful wife and mom and person - I am proud to call you my friend!

Melissa said...

That is awesome! Yay for Alden! Yay for your bed!! Yay for a haircut! And I hope your camera gets fixed soon!!!

whitney said...

You've got me thinking... Now if only I wasn't so neglectful of my blog. In time I guess, when more boxes are unpacked maybe. Anyway, got your message and if you see this before I talk to you that sale on Saturday sounds good. See you soon!

Susie said...

so great to think of the good stuff, because there is always lots of it, if you want there to be. So really our list could go on a real long time. Good to focus on a few a day. can't wait to see you again with the new do. I wondered if you were coming up here for some scrapbook thing i guess not?. see ya

Crystal said...

Oh, I love your list (and all the links on it)!!! You totally inspired me to try this on my blog today. Thanks, sweetie!!! ((( HUGS )))

Please get a picture so we can see the new do!

Carmen said...

All very good things Rhonda!!