Thursday, September 28, 2006

5 Weird things and....

My Friend Mona tagged me last week....
so here is my list.

5 Weird things about me (in particular order or weird-i-ness)

1. I HATE it when people click their pens. For some reason it drives me batty.

2. When I go grocery shopping, I have to line the food up. All boxes have to go together in a row. All the fruit and veggies. All the bread products together. And it drives me CRAZY when the till lady messes up my order. She needs to ring it thru as I placed them on the converyor belt thingie.

3. I HAVE to stack the dishes after we eat at a restuarant for the servers. After I have scraped all the leftovers onto one plate. You can't have food on plates unscraped. Ew. It used to drive Reg crazy when we were first married. But being the good guy that he is... he has come to accept this habit of mine. (Some times I even catch him helping me. hahahaaha)

4. Socks are not allowed in bed. EVER. Even if I am freezing.

5. I have size 12 women's feet. That is weird. (And annoying when I shop for shoes... If I have size 12 obviosuly I am tall enough to not want heels.) Yes me and my husband have the same size feet. It's really sad actually.

And yesterday Alden went ot his first Music class. And he loved it!!!
Wendy, his teacher, is fabulous! It is in the basement at a United Church and she teaches them all the basics of music and Each year the learn more. And evetually they learn to play recorders. Alden's age gets to place xylaphones.
After that me and the kiddies drove out to Cross field to visit my Grandma Stasiuk (my mom's mom) and my Aunt Ann. This was the first time for both Aunty Ann and Grandma saw Lucy. It was a good visit.
Lucy wasn't so hot on the idea of someone else holding her... so a little peek-a-boo was in order to make pictures possible.

Thanks for all the encouragement about the arguing..... it's just a stage. it's just a stage.


Carmen said...

Hmmm... you got a little OCD going on you know! I am happy I am not alone in this department! hee hee heee

The Nelson Family said...
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The Nelson Family said...

Hey....great list.....makes me wonder what weird things I do.....I'm sure that their are some!! I'll have to think on that one!!!

Crystal said...

I'm glad Alden likes his music class! That's a great activity to have him in - hopefully I can do something like that for Meadow in a few years!!

Heather M. said...

I still like you even if you're weird! ;) JK!!!!!
So cool that you are doing music lessons - that is AWESOME!
Love the photo with your grandma - what a keepsake!

JennD said...

The pen clicking thing totally drives me nuts too!!!! But what do you do when your feet get cold in bed?