Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy Friday Morning

Last night Lucy slept thru the night. She used to be amazing at sleeping. 12 hours a night. But teething has changed that. The last week I feel like I have barely gotten any sleep.
You know when you wake up and it feels like you just went to sleep.
Yep. Every day. Except this morning. It was great!!!
So after she woke up at 6:00 am and went back to sleep I decided that I had two options.
More sleep - possibly another hour.
Or get up and go swimming.

I got up.
Did 20 laps.
I am always worried that the lifeguard is watching me thinking... I am going to have to jump in and save that lady....
Hopefully the more I swim the more comfortable I feel.
But it was good.
Clear, bright morning.

And I got out of the house without the kiddies.
Even for just 45 minutes.
Time all by myself... (with other strangers...But they were adults.)

I also wanted to tell you about my lab coat buying experience.
Sometimes Regan gives me things to do.
We call them outings.
As a stay at home mom with two little ones, sometimes .... Well often I don't have any adult contact. Other than when Reg comes home at night.
So when he has an errand to do, I do it for him.
It works for us.
And I like to help him.
And he likes that I help him.

So after finding a place on the internet, who I called and gave me the address of another place, I loaded the kiddies up and we went for a little drive.
Uniforms by Karen.
Sounds great.
We go in and there were tons of those cartoon nurses uniforms.
um... not really what I am looking for.
But I ask the lady.
She looks at me and asks if it is for me.
I say no I need a men's white lab coat for my husband.
And she says "Well where is he?"
"At school."
"Why isn't he here?"
"Do you have any men's lab coats?"
"Yes, but what size is he?"
"Same as me."
"But men are built differently."
"I know, but we are the same... I can wear his coats."
She looks completely and utterly annoyed with me. "Yeah but men's arm lengths...and they have different....Well I don't see why he can't get it. All the other med students were here last week. Why wasn't he? What size is he? 34? 36? 38?"
"Can I see a 36?"
"How long"
"Right past my bum - however long that is?"
"Can't he come in tomorrow?"
"He needs it for tomorrow."
Looks at me with complete disgust. But gets the lab coats for me.
"You are going back to med school with two kids?"
"hmmmmmm. We don't have any 36.... But here is a 34 and 38."
"Great." I try on the 38 and it fits me. "I'll take the 38."
"Man he owes you. Bringing in two kids."
She rings me up.
"He really owes you."
"I'll be sure to tell him you said so."

Really it wasn't THAT big of a deal.
I left chuckling to myself.
Why does she care? Just let me buy the stinking coat.
It was definitely an outing.

We'll see what our outing to the library brings today.
Happy weekend!!!!


Crystal said...

Way too funny! Sometimes I think a salesclerk should have to listen to a recording of herself - do you want to sound like that?? I'm glad the trip was successful - and I'm glad that you and Regan have a relationship that works. Good news these days!

Susie said...

Gotta love those outings. Sometimes I wish I could send Ryan on the outing/errand & I would stay home and chill. Oh well, super cute pics, so good to see you on the weekend I got a pretty good fill of nieces and nephews so did Ryan! Later

Carmen said...

You took that better than I would have!! I would have told that lady to mind her own beeswax about the kids and med school and life in general!! Really, the nerve of some people. And it is ONLY a lab coat!! So what if it is a bit short or a bit long?? I am annoyed now with this person. Okay, in with the good air, out with the bad....

LindsayB said...

WOW! I can't believe you got up and went swimming. Good for you. I am with Carmen, I am so soooo annoyed at that lady. Why do people....wait...deep breath. I better not get into it. I'm glad you left chuckling

whitney said...

What a nut job of a lady. Still so jealous of the swimming. Things are comming along at the house, almost move-in-able. Then I'll be up to Calgary, we'll talk later. Love you.

Cate said...

Oh my heck...I'm still laughing at your lifeguard comment! I think that's how Adam feels sometimes when he's doing triathlons. Swimming is not his strong point. : )

MonaS! said...

LOL - salesclerks can be tooo funny!!! She needs to learn to mind her own business and let you do what you came in to do! Brother.

Heather said...

LOL on the story. Glad she finally got it.

Yeah for more sleep.

Kathy Nelson said...

Having a good chuckle about the lab coat story back here in Nova Scotia.Hope all is well with you guys!!!

Heather M. said...

I would have been steamed! Wow, some nerve! I'm glad you didn't let it get to you and that she actually let you buy the coat.
WTG on the swimming! That is SO awesome, girl! Are you going to Shouldice?

mom Steed said...

I want to know if you are so good that he liked the lab coat and it fit!!
Wait I only need to ask if it fit it's Regan.