Friday, May 18, 2012

Foto Friday: Our Year in Photos


Month 5 Week 3: Bathtime

For the first week of each month we'll focus on a room in the house.

To know more about this project you can read my first post here.

Well this week I focused in on Alden and Eli. Eli says he gets "lonely" in the bath so he is constantly trying to convince the other kids to have a bath with him. Now I think Lucy is too old to have a bath with little boys so she is out. And Alden thinks he is too old to have a bath with Eli but some days he still indulges him.

But most of the times they do end up bathing together ends in a huge mess.
Like last week they turned on the shower and pulled down the curtain and used it to make a water slide. Oh my the entire floor was drenched!
Alden also likes his baths soooo hot he can barely sit down in it at first. I am sure its cause he will be staying in it for at least an hour. eli doesn't really like them that hot!
It's one of the reasons he still has to bathe at night. He spends so much time floating in the water.

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Amy said...

I'm with Alden, the hotter the better. What a nice brother to give the heat up once in a while to entertain Eli.
Who doesn't love comments on their blog haha?!

Tracey said...

Love these! I miss the days when my two bathed together. Now...not so cute with a 12 year old boy and 9 year old girl. :(

Heather M. said...

love these photos! what a great thing for alden to do for his little brother.