Tuesday, May 08, 2012

10 on Tuesday

1. Lucy had her dance recital. Wow am I glad that's all over. But she sure looked cute.....and so did her friend Lauren! (and YES that is crazy dark stage makeup!)
Stage Makeup
Lauren before the show

2. I am getting all caught up on my Project life. Someone asked how I find them time.... well I am behind - that means I didn't find the time yet ;)

3. Man you all are quiet!

4. I have been saving an old map for my house for a few years. (since me and a friend Jodie P bought them off an old fisherman in NS) and now I have one framed and hung in my bathroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

5. I am going to do a little room fix up project on my own. I'm a little nervous but I'm gonna give it a shot. I'll show you when I am done.

6. Lucy on stage dancing.....
5 May 2012
and her friend Mamie too...
Mamie dancing

7. I had a group of ladies over last week who all love to read and we talked about our favorite books. I added a whole pile to my goodreads list. MAN I have a lot of reading to do :) HA! If you like to read, check out my friend Clarissa's blogsite all about the books we read.

8. Lucy and her really good friend Lauren before dance.....

9. Eli's birthday is coming up in a month and I am thinking of ideas for it. He wants a superhero party. We'll see if he still wants that in a week :)

10. The light in my kitchen is so lovely in the mornings.
3 May 2012


Kristin said...

Where did you find your frame for your map? We are gearing up to move back into a real house and I have nothing but sentimental things (we sold everything else) to decorate my house and my hubbs has a buch of these old looking nautical maps!!

Stewart and Clarissa Foss said...

Ha, I wrote a comment and tried to post it, unsuccessfully. Here goes again. Love Lucy's stripes and shades. That's pretty awesome. The girls look so cute up on stage, so glad it's over. Love the framed map. Perfect bathroom art. Can't wait to see what you're planning. And, thanks for the shout out!

Jennifer Isackson said...

Wow Lucy looks so grown up!!!!!

Heather M. said...

looks like she had fun dancing! so cute!

and that map looks awesome! totally love it.

Christal said...

haha Lauren kind of looks like a vampire in the bottom:) Sad her make up was so bad that day! oh well thats life!Thanks for taking those! Love the bathroom and the map looks amazing in there! love it! and lucy/they look so dang cute in those but all I can hear is Lucy laughing which now my kids do all the time now:) funny kids!! Thanks for all you do!!! You are a life saver more times then I can count!!!

Alysha said...

love love love lucy's dance costume!!

Amy said...

Great moves Lucy, so cute!

Laura Beth said...

I want that bathroom. Loveeeeeee that map and the shower curtain!

ps. saw your bed spread at Target last week and smiled thinking of sweet lovely YOU.

Lynn said...

Hi! Over here from Christal's blog. Love your photos.

I just had to mention how much I squealed when I saw your map from NS. Normally it wouldn't jump out at me like that.......although I love a good map for wall art....but I am sooooo missing my boy. He's FINALLY going to come home in about 4 weeks after being gone for 2 years on a mission over there. His mission is the entire Maritimes plus the state of Maine. Although, he spent most of his time in NS. I gotta get me one of those maps. An old fisherman you say? Hmmmm. ; )

Thanks for sharing ! Love the idea.