Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Eli!!

Well today is Eli's Third Birthday. How can I sum up this child? Regan and I were just talking about this picture that is blown up in our living room.
And how his serious face was so HIM when he was little. And now this is SO him at three.
june 6: The tent
A very serious little baby/toddler to a outgoing talkative stinker little boy. Funny how he all of a sudden came out and made us all take notice of him! You can look back at his arrival here and year one here and year two here.
Eli at 3
At three Eli....
• often asks "what's that noisy?" About anything he hears even small noises you might not normally notice (he has GREAT hearing!)
• loves to sing lately. Like he makes up songs to whatever he is thinking about. ie.... grandma Stasiuk, Mighty Machines, noodles, anything on his mind! And he only has one volume: LOUD.
• is a little tease. Stealing toys from his sister just to make her mad (it works) dances just out of reach from me when I am trying to get him to go, etc.
• still a terrible eater. Although he does eat a few more things. His favorites are hot dogs, cereal, watermelon, blueberries, ice cream, pickles, plain bread (he always calls it clean bread), apples, cucumbers,oatmeal and rice.
• has named his grand parents "the big one" (Davis), "my grandma" (Davis), "the little one" (Steed) and "the little one's grandma" (Steed)
• always asks where people's dad's are - meaning their husbands.
• loves to phone and ask grandma davis where her iPad is and ask grandpa Davis where his bobcat is
• is fully potty trained and has been for a while but still needs help on and off.
• loves baths especially when Lucy has one with him
• still sleeps in his crib but gets out of it constantly (only still in it cause we just haven't set up a bed for him!
• still gets up really really early. Usually 6am. One day he actually slept till 8am. But he'd be up late and up in the night
• loves Dora and Diego
• will finally sit still and listen to stories (a couple months ago he wouldn't sit through even one)
Hooray for 3!
• is obsessed with our neighbors Teale and Tyson Smith and kids. He talks about Sawyer all day long and often asks me what Tyson and Teale are doing
• talks a LOT. And to everyone. Asking what their names are, what they are doing and the current favorite "well, what's he all about?"
• wears size 4T clothes
• has a bedtime snack every night and still asks for food sometimes in the night (annoying!)
• gets up normally at least once a night (sometimes more) and every once in a while sleeps the whole night through
• loves Nursery especially "GC" (Grandma Carol)
• loves to play with his cousin Jonas a lot. Loves every time he comes over and asks for him every day
• thinks all grandma's come with iPads. Even asking grandma's he doesn't know where their iPads are
• loves movies about machines and vehicles especially mighty machines
• tries to fall asleep pretty much every day around 2 or 3 and we have to fight to keep him awake
• uses the word actually correctly and quite often
Dad and eli
• loves his dad a lot and still is quite obsessed with his dad's iPhone.
• wants to be on my lap constantly. He follows me around the house, always asking me what I am doing, wants me to read him books, just generally demands a lot of attention
Me and Eli
• loves to climb into bed with me in the morning but can't hold still at all (and it totally drives me CRAZY)
• loves to play in the sandbox once you actually get him outside.
• can get onto the computer, open firefox or safari and find kids games and play them all on his own (almost creepy how good he is on it!)
• can open iTunes and find the kids music and start it too
• loves to point out letters but doesn't know which ones are which
• loooooves to play hide and seek but always goes into his closet to hide and giggles the whole time loudly
Eli at 3
• wants me to carry him way to much and if I'm not carrying him, he's usually running somewhere
• loves to race
• recently has decided that coloring is OKAY and wants to do it... most of the time it's on paper
• says sorry really easily to me and has a terrible time saying it to anyone else
• has a bad habit of kicking Lucy whenever they are sitting remotely close to each other
• loves to play with Alden but usually just destroys his lego creations
• still drinks a lot of milk
• still quite snuggly
We love Eli a lot. He certainly keeps us on our toes around here!! Happy Birthday Eli!!


this and that...now and then said...

your kids have the most beautiful eyes!! happy cake day to Eli!

Catherine Dabels said...

His eyes will melt hearts. Watch out!

Happy birthday Eli!

Maria Lang said...

aww happy birthday. he is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eli! If we were there Meg would babysit him in a flash. She is just as hyper as a 3 yr old.

Susie said...

Happy birthday Eli! I am not suprised he says actually - i can totally picture Lucy saying this. umm rhonda thats what happens when your kids are potty trained before 4 they are still just little. what a little techie, I don't even know good kid websites for games or whatever. See ya'll soon

Alysha said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY ELI!! He and Will sound like two peas in a pod!!! For reals!
He's adorable!

Heather M. said...

Happy Birthday Eli! I can't believe he's 3 already. I love the list you wrote about him - so awesome.

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Eli! See you guys soon.

Connie Nichol said...

wow. Three?
Happy birthday to Eli!!!
Hope you're feeling well, Rhonda. That's a lot of activity surrounding your pregnant self!!!

Liana Kearl said...

I love your comments about Eli! What a sweetie. I have to laugh about the serious toddler/baby. That is just how my AMy was! So serious and such a picky eater too, by 3 she was as outgoing as could be too!