Monday, June 28, 2010

Eli at 2

• notices when other kids are crying and he likes to comfort them when they are crying (mostly Lucy)
• gets up ridiculously early - sleeping in is 630am
• still naps 2 hours a day
• calls me Bum instead of mom
• has the sassiest no of any of our kids
• is a horrible sleeper
• can be quite happy in the morning
• is obsessed with the iPhone and digging in people's pockets for them
• is quite particular about his milk being in a certain cup
• has a special blanket that he loves to sleep with and cuddle when he is sad
• loves to book "Old Hat, New Hat" and holds his had out in the book and yells WAIT
• sings "Bob the builder"
• not a good eater, in subsistence or variety (not any worse than our others at this age)
• loves to eat fruit and cereal and granola bars and hot dogs
• cries at nursery (or wails and clings to you when you leave him)
• loves to follow Alden around whenever he is home
• will just run out the front door and keep walking making us have to ALWAYS lock the doors
• loves to push chairs up to things in the kitchen so he can get in trouble
• when really wants to get some where, he usually jogs
• loves to call OOOUUCHY for Lucy at the top of the stairs
• seems to prefer Grandpa's to Grandma's
• always loves to get out of the house
• when he cries for getting in trouble he always covers his face with his hands
• currently has a hitting problem
• will NOT sit still for pictures
• loves the game peek-a-boo
• doesn't like having baths
• loves ice cream
• has THE cutest bluest eyes
• thinks farting is hilarious (especially his own)
• tells me he pooped by saying "I POOP"
• cries when he goes to be every night lately for like 30 minutes
• always sleeps with his bear and likes to hold him when he is tired
• is OBSESSED with babies - as in all of church yells "BABY" over and over and holds out his hands to hold them, and loves to hold them on this lap and pet their heads
• helps say the prayer by saying "dear..... father... dad... dad... dad... jesus.. amen." no matter WHAT you are telling him to say
• raises his hand in the air and says "ME" when you ask him a question
• loves to wake up the other kids in the morning
• goes on morning rides in the stroller 3-4 times a week with Regan running
• loves the playground and has NO fear
• keeps us on our toes all the time
• he follows me around the house ALL DAY so I can do very little without him at my feet crying to get picked up
• loves to just walk up to us and hug us
• brings a lot of joy and spice into our family
I can't believe that he is two.
Happy Birthday Eli!!


Unknown said...

Awwwww those pictures are so cute!! I can't believe he's 2! That means Will is almost 2 and I don't think I'm ready for that. He's supposed to be my baby! And I can relate - Will's a HORRIBLE sleeper. Hopefully he'll grow out of it ;)

Jennifer said...

Wow 2 already!? Such a handsome little guy. Love the pictures - and the cool black chair he's sitting on ;-) Here's hoping that being two will help him sleep better for ya!

Unknown said...

So precious! Happy Birthday Eli!

The Spencers said...

What a cute post. Happy Birthday Eli. Love the pictures and getting to know Eli better.

Amy said...

Great photos of him, so adorable. Yep, his eyes are stunning. You are so fantastic at recording what your kids are like at each stage.
How is he with a shorter nap? Does that help the night time issues? Although, his nap time is probably "hallelujah I can get something done" time for you. Gah, hope he grows out of the sleep issues soon.

Marie said...

His eyes really are crazy blue. Shocking. He is such a cute kid. I love watching him be a little tyke.

Happy Birthday!

Brooke said...

Happy birthday to Eli! Can't wait to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he's 3 already! Happy Birthday Eli! Love those photos!

Anonymous said...

He is such a cute boy! He sounds a lot like my oldest! Thank goodness they're cute. Happy Birthday Eli!