Tuesday, June 07, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. We went to grad in Medicine Hat. The best part....one of the newly graduated doctors leaned over to Regan and asked if I was expecting. :) I kind of thought it was obvious now!!

2. I have been waking up in the night (not even from Eli - but all one my own) and I've been having trouble going back to sleep. It's soooooo annoying!!!!

3. Rain rain and more rain. It just won't quit!!

4. I've found lots of great things online for summer activities. Like these
and this and this and this and lots more!! (Thanks to Pinterest!)

5. This week we find out if our sale is for sure on the house. All the conditions and all that have to ben worked out this week. My fingers are crossed!!

6. I forgot there was a pancake breakfast at the school this morning. Whoops.

7. I feel so much older this pregnancy. I feel tired a lot more. And I am in the middle trimester when I am supposed to be feeling full of energy. My heart burn is so bad. But I haven't thrown up in almost 2 weeks. Which is AWESOME :)

8. Last week I made a trip to Costco and bought a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies and other yummy stuff. And then the next day, Eli cranked the dial on my fridge and promptly froze all of my brand new stuff. Some things, like the fruit (except the grapes) could still be used... but thawed cucumbers and tomatoes?? Don't really taste so good. They are just mushy and gross. BOO!

9. We need to find a house :)

10. Another late Foto Friday:


Kristin said...

So the grape thing made me have to post a comment. I used to work at a spa and they used to take grapes get them wet and sprinkle with cinnamon and freeze. They turn out like mini popsicles.

Marie said...

Okay - so the older pregancy comment: This has been a delightlful pregnancy for me so far, but I was wondering how different a 22 year old labor and a 30 year old labor will differ. Fingers crossed, right?

And thanks for passing on the fun summer ideas! I alwasy am lookin for those.

Jennifer said...

I have heard of lots of people who freeze grapes and eat them. I have never tried it but I would.

Lisa C said...

I eat frozen grapes all the time! I hate mushy grapes, so the minute they aren't super-firm and juicy, I toss them in the freezer. I was a skeptic at first, but you really gotta try it!

Mailbox Moments said...

Hello, new to your blog. It is lovely here.