Thursday, June 09, 2011

List 22: Things I like to do in MY free time.

(In no particular order!)
1. Waste time on Pinterest.

2. Read good books.

3. Scrapbook.

4. Bake or cook things.

5. Take pictures of things.

6. Go for a bike ride

7. Hang out with friends.

8. Games. Board games!

9. Eat candy. :)


whitney said...

mmmmm candy.
I like to go on walks. Move here already and walk with me.

Heather M. said...

we have a lot in common except for that last one. LOL! that was awesome. love that it made your list.

Crystal said...

I forgot to put playing games on my list! The last one makes me smile - I debated about putting 'eat chocolate' on mine!

Carlye said...

Check, check, and check! No wonder we get along :) Now we need to combine the last 3 and you've got yourself a good time!!