Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I needed a break last week. I've been feeling a bit stressed about things. Lots on my plate and things aren't moving how I wish they were. Equals stress.

2. I am having trouble sleeping. And not just Eli. I am having trouble going back to sleep after he wakes me up. And I HATE that.

3. Regan has two call days as a resident left. Today and Saturday. CRAZY.

4. um... did you mention you wanted to buy my house? GREAT. please do!

5. Dad's day came and left and I didn't post about how truly wonderful Regan is. Really such a good good good good dad. We made him a fun gift, I'll take pictures of it and post it asap!

6. End of school has so many stinking things to go too!

7. I hate clothing with cartoon characters on it.

8. The last two Saturdays I have shot 8 hour weddings. And I feel so much more tired after being pregnant! Such different and fun weddings though. With WICKED good food!! And two Saturdays ago I had an e-session too. My favorite shot from it.
Tracy and Scott
9. I have had lots of shoots lately. So go check out my photo blog!!

10. I love fruit lately. Like a LOT. Like I can't stop eating it. ooh and honey greek yogurt. mmmmmm


Catherine Dabels said...

We should start a club. The PLEASE COME AND BUY MY HOUSE CLUB. You can be the president because you're pregnant and sleep deprived. I am not sleep deprived. I sleep like the dead because I am sugar free, remember?

Just saying.....

I hate that phrase 'just sayin'' but here it applies so well I felt compelled to use it.....cuz I'm actually just sayin'..... you know?

Chelsea Belle said...

THe not sleeping 1 because of children and then 2 because you can't get back to sleep...sooo me last summer (plus it was so hot in my house!) I feel your pain Rhonda, it is quite simply THEE worst!

PS I also hate clothes with cartoons on them (even undies). Aaron (when he actually wears clothes) lets me pick but litte McKye was givin' one hand me down with Mater on it, I shove it so far down in the drawer , and he still finds the darn thing!

Kristin said...

I love that picture! Beautiful!

Stacy said...

I love the trees in your picture. beautiful!!