Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On my mind

I am one day into a long stretch of Regan being gone. He is working a rotation in ICU in Calgary for a month. He'll be home for a couple nights in the middle. That is the weekend we have to get a Christmas tree and set it up, celebrate my birthday (even though it will be past it then), attend a RAS Christmas party, attend the temple, and regular ol' stuff like enjoy seeing each other and hopefully I'll get to leave the house without any kids for at least a half an hour. We'll see how it goes. Both that weekend and all the time he's gone. I just keep reminding myself... just til June and then he'll be a doctor. All done. And we can settle into a comfortable semi-schedule.

Speaking of that.... I am so unsure of what to do with the housing issue. We are going to move out to Raymond, where he will practice. Our mortgage comes to term in May. And for the last four months of residency Regan will be in Pincher Creek and gone a lot. So should we just move out there then since I'll be on my own anyways, and then the bank won't ding us? But listing a house and keeping it clean every day for showings and on all that on my own with three kids? Wow. That sounds A.W.E.S.O.M.E! hmmm not sure what to do. And finding a house to move into and can our house in Lethbridge sell?? oh my.

And on another note. I have chronic Back pain. As in Regan has diagnosed me. I have not had a day in the past 5 months (if not longer) where my back has not hurt. It hurts all the time. It has been ridiculous lately. Sometimes I have to just give up on sleeping and just get up cause I can't lay down anymore. It hurts too much. And there is not a lot to be done for it. For a few weeks I was going to weekly massages and that was making it more livable. But between having to pay for it ($55 a time) to getting my kids watched every week so I could do it- really it's just not that possible. I've been trying to be more regular in my Yoga. And that helps. But really. It just is what it is. I've been seriously considering going to try acupuncture. (someone I know does it) I have trouble sitting for too long. Or laying down. Which frankly is quite annoying. I feel like an old lady. And I'm not turning THAT old next week! :)

And on another note. I am really not feeling winter this year. In fact. I'm hating this cold windy snowy business. I feel like we never really got summer and here it is freezing cold already! mmm I sound like a grumpy pants hey?

Here's a nice picture to lighten my grumpiness.
nov 5 - Sunrise


The Full Nelson said...

Your back issues sound awful. My back has been hurting for aslong as I can remember but I can normally at least lie down for most of the night. I hope your figure out the housing situation. I would think it would be better to sell so the bank doesn't ding you, but I don't know much about all of that! Good luck!

Kristin said...

...I can relate to the husband being gone...Joel has been gone since the 1st. He will be home tomorrow, gone again Sunday and wont be back until the 20th of December. Not too much fun.

...Also I am a massage therapist (though I don't do it, I did teach Anatomy and Physiology at the massage school for years)...Is it your lower back? A lot of people have difficulty with their lower back being thixotrophic (or cold and stiff) and simply warming by applying a heat wrap or rubbing your lower back before getting out of bed in the morning can help significantly.

I've done accupuncture several times, honestly I just don't think it works....but maybe that's just me.

Rashelle said...

I think that you should definitely move to Pincher Creek for the four months!! Sorry to hear about your back pain.

LindsayB said...

aw dang rhonda. from someone who has cried many morning, nights and days over a back since i was a teenager i hear ya! the best for temporary releif for me is heat. I finally did physio this year for it because massage and chiro weren't helping and i could barely move some days and night and work was so hard. physio helped more than anything else has and if i actually stay on top of the excersises it does help but, it's sad that we are so young and the pain is mist likely not going anywhere. however there is a miracle drug out there and it works soooooo good for me but has a side effect of sleeeeepppy me. so i rarely take it unless i know i can go to bed at 8 pm and and not get up until 8 am, with no pain!
i have no idea what to tell you about the housing situation, sucks. i would maybe consider putting it up after christmas i guess.
i feel really great because i don't read too much but i have read 11 books on the list so at least when i do read they are good ones!
anyway, we'll have to hang out to keep busy. see you thurs and this is a super long comment for ya.

Catherine Dabels said...

One, sell the house sooner than later so that you aren't stuck in Lethbridge while he's in Raymond. Keeping it clean sucks, I know all about it, but you'll be doing it by yourself whether he's there or not....trust me.

Two, GO TO ACUPUNCTURE. I'm not kidding. It has absolutely changed my life and you need to go. See a doctor of Chinese medicine who practices acupuncture though, not just a plain old acupuncturist. In my opinion, they seem to be more in tune to the body. However, an acupuncturist who does physical rehab maybe something to consider.

It's worth the expense and the getting a sitter.

Do it!

Anonymous said...

I am grumpy today too; I was happy to read your post and know that I am not alone! We currently have our house on the market and honestly hasn't been bad. Infact I think that it helps to keep me on top of things. If you decide to not sell before your mortgage is up you may be able to do a shorter term so you won't get dinged so bad. It so hard to know what to do because you never know how quickly your house may or may not sell. I feel for your back pain! I have been having really terrible headaches and massage has helped a tonne! Have you ever thought of seeing a chriopractor? My husband had a bad accident and finds that the chriopractor helps so much. Hope you can get some sleep and figure things out!

Visible Voice said...

I feel your pain of having a husband away and just having pains. And it's so hard to take care of yourself when you have kiddo's. Like I want to get my hair done but I just can't seem to take the time or find the energy (because of pain) to even do that. I mean I think you'll need bigger help then this but I invested (when I was up North) in a Shiatsu Pillow Massager which is not near as good as a real massage, physio, or chiro but it may help in the in between. I don't know...pain sucks and I'm NOT good at taking care of myself...at all.

Melanie said...

(((hugs))) I cant imagine having a husband gone so long.

The only thing that helps with my back pain is the chiropractor and ice (that and anti-inflamitories).

Good luck with your decision! It sucks to be an adult sometimes.

Amy said...

Oh man, you inherited your mom's bad back! That's yucky!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your back, Rhonda. That sucks. I highly recommend chiropractic care. I know MDs aren't really fond of it so I don't know if Regan would go for it but it has totally helped me. And I've also had acupuncture done and it worked SO well for me. My back was so bad after Helayna was born that neither massage nor the chiropractor helped but acupuncture totally did.
And I'll be praying for you as you make decisions about the future - so hard to know what to do sometimes.