Wednesday, November 03, 2010

MSBH Update

It's been a while and I haven't updated this. I am soooo close to being done! And then Regan has said I need to go on a cooking light challenge. So I probably will be doing that or some variation on it :)
138. Cherry Cheese Strudel
139. Strudel Dough
140. Pecan Pie
141. Canneles
142. Lemon Madeleines
143. Pavlovas with Mixed Berries
144. Wheatmeal Shortbread Wedges
145. Prune Pinwheels
146. Prune Filling
147. Cheese Danish
148. Cheese Filling
149. Apricot Bow ties
150. Chocolate Pistachio Danish
151. Sticky Buns
152. Sugar Buns

Do you think I should write Martha and tell her I did this? Or is that just weird?

And since a post just isn't the same without a picture... some of my favorite pictures lately
Grandpa came
Hold close
The Men
The Junk Yard


Kristin said...

Love Love Love the pictures in the car graveyard ;-)

Why not send an email to Martha? May as well right!

LindsayB said...

prune pinwheels and filling, not so much. chocolate pistachio, yes so much!

Christina said...

you should write her!

DeeMomof6 said...

Love the photos! I am really considering putting that book on my Christmas wish list! Everything sounds so yummy. As for writing Martha.. She would probably love that! When you get to appear on her show because if this let me know so I can tape it and share it with everyone I know! ;)

The Full Nelson said...

I think you should write Martha for sure!

Alysha said...

I say you tell her. That's quite an accomplishment! great pics. Love those cars :)

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

You should totally write Martha! Do it.

Great pictures. I love the one of the bride hugging the old man. Captured true emotions.

Lisha said...

You should email Martha, it sounds like the "Julie and Julia" thing. And totally love the pictures of Eric and Paige. I can't wait to see more of them!

rebecca said...

you HAVE to write to Martha!! HAVE to! :)

Visible Voice said...

Totally write her. For really's.

Abby said...

GREAT pictures! I like too many of them to comment individually!

Amy said...

Cool location, love the old cars!!