Tuesday, November 16, 2010


1. Yes there are subway art left. I have 8x10 ($5) and 11x14($8) unframed. I have lots of all the Christmas Art left!

2. No monsters left. They sold out really well. I should have made more. Alden and Lucy both requested more. No dolls left either. Well except the one Eli has claimed and the one Lucy claimed.

3. Crayon Rolls are $5. And I totally have more!

4. The only picture I took of all the wood stuff and it doesn't even give a tiny bit of how much there was! I'll have to take some pictures of the ones I kept tomorrow to show you!
Wooden Crafts

5. Yes busy much. Glad that Fabulous Friday (craft day at the church), the craft fair, almost all my booked 2010 shoots, mom & dad's 40th wedding anniversary are all over. Now I just have to finish editing the shoots I have and get them to all the clients. And enjoy getting ready for Christmas!!

And I just wanted to add Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad. Two wonderful people whom I love! I'd add a picture of them but I couldn't find the wedding picture of them I wanted too. Just pretend it's right down below :)


Crystal said...

Wow!! You were busy - and did great! The monsters are cute - I can see why you have none left! Way to go, you busy lady, you!!

KellyLady said...

Busy Busy Busy! Hey can you put me down for 3 crayon rolls? I'll get in touch with one of my sisters to get you the moula and my fam can bring them up for me. Let me know if that works. I'm thinking they'll make great stocking stuffers!

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

Can I get 3 crayon rolls too! Maybe I will have to come over and look at your wood stuff in person!

The Lowry's said...

Yes, I would like to see the wooden boards. The christmas art, is it vinyl or just printed?