Monday, November 15, 2010

The Craft Sale Adventure

This past weekend I made the trek to Medicine Hat with two friends Megan and Mandy. It was so fun hanging out. The crafting ahead kind of stressed me out. So next time, just a weekend away with two friends where we go shopping (or maybe we should start crafting AHEAD of two weeks before the show!
This is a pile of the stuff I made, besides the wood stuff we made together.
I made monsters based on Alden's drawings.
Crayon Rolls
Little dolls (which Eli loved and he still sleeps with one)
A felt mitten garland
Some cute bags
Piles of aprons. For moms and for girls
Christmas Art - framed or unframed
So that was about it.
Here is a picture from our booth - horrible light in there to take a picture and Mandy and Meg might hate it... but oh well :) hahahaha
The Craft Booth
No I did not sell it all.
Yes it was fun.
If I ever did it again, I'd totally do baking!


maria lang said...

Rhonda! I didn't know you were so crafty!! The dolls are amazing! love love love!

Christal said...

Rhonda you are amazing! talented and wow!! Could I get one of the jingle bells signs subway art one love that! Do you have any left I would love to get one from you! how much and how big are they?? Relax this week eh!

Abby said...

Love the little monsters!

Jennifer said...

I love the monsters! Do you have one left I could buy off you for Kaden? Oh, and a little doll for Maggie? Ummm, can I just do all my Christmas shopping at your house this afternoon?

Visible Voice said...

Isaiah asked if those monsters were for him...super fun.

Anonymous said...

any monsters or dolls left?? I'd love some, even the crayon rolls. message me if you have some and how much you want for them.

LindsayB said...

nice haul rhonda! busy much? it's all such cute stuff. i want one of those bags if you have any left depending on the size. i'll call you sometime, haven't seen you guys in forever, maybe we should make it a visit!

Anonymous said...

You made some seriously AWESOME stuff. Can you share the wood stuff you guys made?

You are SO talented!

sweet & lovely crafts said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Kristi's and you take the most beautiful pics. Do you have an Etsy shop set up? Those polka dot crayon rolls are adorable, so it that bag with the lovely green ruffle. If you have any left, I'd love to buy them. Thanks, Lila

Michelle said...

i bought 5 of these little monsters! hehe... my kids and i love and adore them so much!!