Monday, November 08, 2010


I realized again this week that I have different music tastes than a lot of people around me. Regan and I joke a lot about Willie Nelson, who Regan loves and I detest. Like please let me pull out ears so I don't have to listen it.)

Justin Beber, not thanks. Annoying.
Pink, drives me CRAZY. Why does she sing about being a jerk all the time.
Rihanana (did I even spell that right?) drives me even MORE crazy. She sings a song about how it's okay to be hit by your man? Really? THAT's what kids listen to?

Really I don't even know who is popular right now. I just know what I like. So I thought I'd share some of it... that is if I can find you tube videos for some of it :)
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Love her! And she's Canadian!

Jason Mraz


Matt Costa

Meaghan Smith

Mindy Gledhill

Micheal Buble (oh how I would LOVE love to go to one of his concerts!)

Ray LaMontagne

And some songs I couldn't find on Youtube but I love.... (I'm pretty sure you can find them on iTunes!)
Matthew Barber - The Little Things
Kris Allen - to make you feel my love & Falling Slowly
Joey Gian - What if I loved you
Human & Rosi Golan - Follow the Arrow
Frances England - You & Me
Holly Cole Trio
Michael Johns - Life is Okay
Zee Avi - Honey Bee
Sophie Milman - Take Love Easy
Slow Club - When I Go

I know I don't like what a lot of other people listen to and I am okay with that. :)
Ever heard of these guys? (OBVIOUSLY you've all heard of Micheal Buble, but besides him :)


Anonymous said...

Man, you are eclectic. I only recognized two artists in that list. I have to add Jann Arden and Sarah Maclaughlin to the list from Canada. So sorry that I missed Michael Buble when he was in Halifax.
I am listening to a lot of dance music right now for the beats. Good for running.

Kristin said...

funny thing is I've never heard of Michael Buble :) (Im guessing he is popular) I also don't know any songs by the people you dislike (except Wille, I grew up on country but don't like it now).....I must really like unpopular music!

mbmcclung said...

Love it .. I listen to so many different kinds of music , butI actually new about 5 on your list and I listen to them when Im cooking,or doing crafts ... I think its good feel good chilling music.. not I must say I listen to pink also but I find her anger give me the extra boost I need when I have to get some serious cleaning done in my house.. you should try it !

Lisa C said...

supprised myself with how many songs I actually recognized - I don't know how (with noisy kids and a book-on-cd habit) my life sometimes feels like a musical blackhole

DeeMomof6 said...

Love the videos!! And half of those I know! I also love Josh Groban and Sarah McLachlan. I like music I can relax to these days. Its funny how taste can change from high school to now. I use to be all about the beat and dancing and didn't listen to the words. Now I like to relax with my music. Can't wait to check out some of the others you have on your list that I haven't heard of. Thanks :)

LindsayB said...

i hate to break it to ya, but we are getting old so we don't like the same music as the youngens and thank goodness for that! i do know a few of those artists, but anything remotely jazz i can only handle so much of.

LindsayB said...

also, i think you would reeeeeally like regina spektor.

Catherine Dabels said...

You do have different taste and it's very refreshing. Where do you find these people? I have heard of a few of them but not all.

Christina said...

I love Jason Mraz. That's one of my favorite stations to listen to on Pandora. I do like to listen to Pink when I'm running - maybe I need the anger to get me up the hill!

I recently checked out some music from the library for the kids to listen to in the car that I have been loving - an Elizabeth Mitchell cd (You are my Flower) and Sing Along with Putumayo.

Christal said...

Love this post and all the music video's you posted! I'm with you on the new music seriously the things they sing about its no wonder some of the youth do what they do heck youth everybody! {ps you need to come check the house out next door they dropped there price today too! whit told me she told you so I'm just telling you to because we need some good neighbors again too!! ttys

Jewels said...

If you haven't already heard of her, I think you'd love Nikki Yanofsky, judging by some of the other names on your list :)

I, too, detest Willie Nelson... my dad's a big fan.

Good Taste!

Anonymous said...

Regan likes Willy Nelson?! HAHAHAHAHA! That makes me laugh.

You listen to awesome music - found some new ones in your list - thank you!

Abby said...

Loved it all Rhonda, except Micheal Buble, I'm just not a fan . . .

Mike and Jodi said...

Thanks for the list! I'm in desperate need of some new music. I only knew of Buble and Mraz. I like the song 'Lucky' that Mraz sings. I really liked listening to Mindy Gledhill. I had heard 'All About Your Heart' before so thanks for the artist's name. Have a great night!