Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the kitchen: Everday Meals

So my sister in law Jen called last week and told me she was sick of cooking. She wanted to know what my regulars were. You know, the regular fall back meals that you eat as a family. So over the next week or two I'll share some here and there. After all Jen said she'd love me more if I did it. So here's me... looking for love. :)

I'd like to introduce you to Derek potatoes. Named after my brother in law Derek (well named hey?) and I have no idea what he calls them... Linds wanna shed some light on the subject??

Slice up a whole bunch of potatoes (as in how many you want to eat) and put them into a bowl. Sprinkle with seasoning salt. And add cubed margarine. Mix it all up nice like.

Then dump it into a piece of tin foil. Like make a little pocket for it.

And plop in on the BBQ. Let it cook for like 25 minutes or so. Til you can pierce a potato easily with a knife.

Add some grilled chicken

And a veggie and there is an easy meal. My kids call the Derek potatoes "circle fries." And they happily eat them. So I like to make them fairly often.And they can go with many kind of meat. Easy peasy meal. So you can all thank Derek.


Unknown said...

I LOOOVE BBQ chicken. This made me HuNGRY

Teresa (aka tmom) said...

That is one of our favourite meals. I have been doing potatoes like for some time and am so glad to have a name for them, lol! I also throw another tinfoil tray on of any other veggies we might have, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. Love being able to do a gull meal on the barbeque.

DeeMomof6 said...

I LOVE BBQing in the summer! Our house gets way to hot to cook in so that is our fall back. I have done potatoes kind of like that but not in circles.. will do that next time for a cool change up.

LindsayB said...

bbq potatoes, boring, so let's stick with derek potatoes

nichole said...

Makes my mouth water.

Let the party begin... said...

Love when you can throw things on the just seem so easy and less mess. Sweet potatoes are also great that way too, yummy!