Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Photo Talk: Do you know what I love about photography?

I love the ability to capture a mood.
Sunshine in the Rain
I love that you can capture a fleeting look
or a relationship between two people
I love that it can carry emotions
It's just so cool how you can manipulate the light to tell a story
My early morning saving grace
I finished up my online photography class and I am so glad I took it. It really has helped me hone my ability to see the light and to know my camera more. And given me more confidence in shooting. And is driving me to tell stories more with my camera. And for that I am grateful. Cause I think that is what will share a story. And hopefully will for a long time.


Unknown said...

I love photography!! I love those things about it too!! great pictures!

Catherine Dabels said...

Fantastic. That's all. Just fantastic.

Sandy said...

rhonda all your photos always look amazing! i love the colors! i also love how photography can tell stories and capture moments :)

Amy said...

You're so talented, I love your photos.
I was thinking today, as I took a pic of my middle two by the school, and you walked by, how pathetic my photography is LOL.

DeeMomof6 said...

I love your photos and love all of those things about photography as well :) I was wondering if you could tell me which on-line course you took? I would love to take it as well :)

Stacy said...

Awesome pictures. The 2nd one made me smile. :) So cute!!

Marie said...

Great reasons, all.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos. I love photography for the same reasons you do. :)

The Lowry's said...

You are great at capturing it. I need to capture the mood a little more instead of trying to create the perfect.