Monday, March 15, 2010

Random + Overheard

Me: "Do you want another pancake?"
Lucy: "Hey I know a Sarah! There's one in my class."
Me (confused at how she made that jump): "Did you know that's Kenzie's mom's name, Sarah?"
Lucy: "So there's TWO Sarahs??"
Me: "Yeah there's lots, it's a popular name."
Lucy: "I know why, cause it rhymes with Syrup."
Lucy: "I've got 2 spences"
Me: "You've got what?"
Lucy: "2 spences, see?" (Holding out two nickels to me)
Me: "Lucy, that's 10 CENTS, cause each one is worth 5 CENTS each?"
Lucy: "No i've got 2, 2 spences!"

Alden: "Mom, take my picture like this..."
So i take it.
Me: "Why?"
Alden: "I just thought it would be cool!"

I am behind on posting my 365 pictures.
But not behind on taking them!!
This week an update for SURE!


I was missing my sister Kelly a lot this week.
When I am lonely I miss her more!


Alysha said...

I love that pic of Alden :) I love the things kids say. It makes my day

Lora said...

Kids say the best things!! ((((HUGS))) I have been thinking of my grandma today.

Marie said...

I love the random jumps in conversations with kids.

And I think Alden is a budding photographer. That was a great picture. It shows off those gorgous lashes!

Amy said...

Don't let yourself get lonely!! Call me!!
Kids are so fun, they make me giggle. Great photos, Alden's right, it did look cool.