Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the last two weeks Eli has.....

* colored the carpet downstairs with a marker
* tried to eat Tylenol and a whole bottle of vitamins (instead of swallowing he licks them and then throws them onto the floor where they stick)
* dumped toothpaste and tooth brushes into the running washing machine
* tried to dump soapy water and a whole bottle of vanilla into the wedding cake batter I was making (it was like SERIOUSLY close!!)
* dumped cereal all over the living room carpet
* dug his hands into the flour container and smeared it all over the kitchen cabinets
* learned to open the front door leading him to walk outside (twice while I was using the bathroom)
* stood or sat on the computer keyboard multiple times
* thrown multiple items of food onto the floor from his high chair
* learned to push chairs up to the knives drawer and pull them all out
* picked multiple things out of the garbage and tried to eat or use them
* tried to stuff a plastic rod into the pilot light of the furnace
* either been up for 2-2/5 hours in the night OR been up at at least 630am
* drawn on his high chair, the table and the floor
* dumped goldfish on the floor and then stomped on them to make crumbs on purpose
* phoned people on my cell phone
* pulled out a LOT of wipes and "wiped" his nose or sucked the "juice" off them
Seriously people, CAN you SEE my gray hair yet???? Cause this child is giving them to me!!!! And we aren't even into the terrible twos yet? YIKES. WHAT a ball of TROUBLE he is!!!


Lisha said...

Wow. Maybe we should invent the Ominous Ones" for you! Good luck!

KellyLady said...

I'm sorry. I totally emphasize. It seems like Brock is forever getting into mischief and he's even younger than Eli!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a handful! Is there a playgroup in your area? Is he better when other kids are around? Does he have a playmate?

Shannon Guindon said...

Wow Rhonda, that's crazy...I'll stick with my cats, as cute as your kids

Christina said...

At least he's adorable!

LindsayB said...

i do recall james doing some of the exact same things and worse even. and he wasn't such a bad 2 year old, so maybe it will be ok! also, not good information for the person who will be watching him for a few days in a couple weeks!

Abby said...

Hahaha - what a little stinker! ;)

I think we're going to have one of those on our hands pretty soon too! I'm constantly retrieving Ezra from 1 of at least 3 places he's not supposed to be (garbage, toilet, houseplants), and he always flashes me this mischievious little grin like he knows he's not supposed to be doing it, but he's going to do it anyway! :)

Amy said...

Hey, I know this works with pen ink, maybe it will work with taking out marker too. I use hairspray, the cheaper the stuff the better. Sounds like a carpet shampooer may be in your future.
Eli, you crazy little man. That's how your mom keeps her figure, you keep her running!

Kristi-Anna said...

Ha ha ha!! I love it!! :) Been there, done many of those things... it never ends!

Susie said...

ahhh I love me a sweet Sadie, she is pretty much perfect ha ha. at first I thought it was a real goldfish. the cure to a good sleeper was living in NY just sayin worked for me. teens or toddlers which is worse??

Heather M. said...

oh my, and that's exactly why we are stopping at 2. ;) although silas may soon follow suit.

elliemarieharley said...

Me 2nd daughter is 17 months old. I am with you. The stuff she gets into. *breath in, breath out!* Good luck.

The Lowry's said...

Yikes, it might be just better to lock him in his room all day. jks At least his cute face makes up for it.

Becca Jane said...

Hi...I think you've blog-hopped to my blog now I'm doing the same thing! I LOVE your Spiritual Sunday posts. I love it when people use their blog to share their beliefs and are proud of being LDS. Using their blogs to share the Gospel. I am the same way. I feel like there are some Mormon blogger moms out there who spend time on their blog 'bragging' about how they bend the rules or they make light of certain commandments or Church traditions or lingo. That makes me sad.
Anyway, your son is adorable, sorry he's turning you gray!!! Mine isn't turning me gray yet...just giving me high blood pressure!! Cute bedroom too...wish I could paint...