Monday, April 27, 2009

This little girl

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Lucy with her "porcupine" pets. She has always called pinecones porcupines.
These three were her "pets" for a few days.
Until I threw them away one night when she was sleeping and she didn't ask for them in the morning (phew) (Just in case you were wondering my kids have a very loose idea of pets. Since I have told them MANY times that we will never have any thing except a fish as a pet. EVER.)
Last night as I was putting Lucy to bed she asked for a make up story.
So I made up a story about a little girl who got turned into a puppy by a mean witch.
Who then got lost in the woods.
Along comes a boy riding on a horse, who sees the puppy and realizes the puppy is in trouble and takes him home to his father for help.
When his father sees the puppy, the spell is broken and the puppy is transformed back into the little girl. It is also her father and accordingly her brother as well.
As soon as I am done Lucy says to me: "So that happened to me when I was a little girl."
And I say "no, you asked for a make up story. That's all pretend."
Lucy "So I got changed to a puppy when I was a baby by a witch?"
Mom "no, none of it happened. It's all pretend."
Lucy "So Alden was the brother? and I was the dog?"
Mom: "You were never a dog. Yes I used your names in the story but you were never a dog."
Lucy "hmmmmm"

Apparently I shouldn't be using her in the stories any more.....
And apparently she still doesn't have the whole make believe and real life thing figured out.


Amy said...

That is too cute, yeah, maybe skip adding their names to your stories LOL. I hope packing is going well.

Jennifer said...

Kaden still calls pine cones porcupines! It's very cute :-) I love the story

Laura O'Hearon said...

Hahahh oh my goodness.
I love every quote you post by Lucy. You're kids are awesome.