Monday, April 20, 2009

This and that

Check out this and enter. :)

I'm looking for something ever so clever to write about.... but it seems as though my mind is in a million places. And apparently none of them are clever. :)

Instead I'll share some cute things Lucy has prayed lately.
"please bless me to use the potty and be a big girl" (hasn't helped so far)
"please bless that we'll eat our food"
"please bless that I won't hit people"
"please bless mom and dad and Eli and Alden and Lucy" (always so cute when she says that)
"please thank you for puppy and the lights and my blankets and my books" (she was listing every thing in her eye sight area)
"please give us safety while we drive"
"please help me to be kind and use my words"
"please bless the food to be good" (I guess my cooking needs heavenly help)

There were some other really funny ones I can't remember. But one thing she said after the prayer Alden was laughing and he announced "Lucy your nuts. You can't pray for that." (but I can't remember what it was.)

I've got a list of things to do (and a few of them I keep skipping over and doing the others... do you do that?)

EDITED to add......
Just when you think you have nothing to blog about your three year old's visiting neighbor friend spray paints your daughters arms and feet white (along with the sandbox and the walls of the house and some rocks...) during your quick shower.

(this is AFTER the serious scrubbing in the bathroom sink....)


Heather M. said...

she is hilarious! i love her prayers!

Emily Murdock said...

Hahahaha! Sorry to laugh at the spray paint incident, but that is AWESOME. Maybe she just needed to look a little more like a scrapbook page??? :)

Alysha said...

oh dear! gotta love spray paint ;)

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

I love hearing the cute things kids pray for.. I think it'll probably be even cuter when it's my own kids saying them, eh?

Good luck with your travels back to Lethbridge...some good ol' times had in that town. which part will you be living in?

Jewels said...

lol when my brother was 3, he got into the storage shed with the dog, while we were all getting ready for a formal event for my dad's work (kevin was already in his little tux) and dumped a bucket of whitewash over his head and over the dog. looked kind of like that picture after much scrubbing and a few days :)

love that she is praying to use the potty but still won't! (i bet you do, too)

MonaS! said...

I love her prayers - they are sooo cute! And the spraypaint is quite creative.

Let the party begin... said...

That is priceless, both the prayer and the spray paint.!

Amy said...

Cute prayer Lucy. I look forward to hearing her pray in Primary haha. I need to write down what Brett's been saying in the prayers, maybe today's blog post, thanks.
Spray paint, wow, I'll take pen and marker any day.