Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In the Craftroom: Easter Crafts II


Easter baskets the kids made.
Cooled cupcakes.
Icing spread on top (we used cream cheese cause I had some left over from homemade oreos)
Dip the tops into green tinted coconut (we didn't have much food coloring left - just enough to get the point across)
Push in licorice for handles (I used nips cause I like to eat them better hehheee)
Add jelly beans for eggs (I added whoppers cause I wanted to eat them too :) )

Pretty cute eh?
AND easy enough that the kids can pretty much do them all themselves instead of me doing most of the work.

AND on a different note, today is Regan's last day of medical school.
Isn't that CRAZY!!!


Amy said...

Congrats Regan! I can't wait to hear the news when you've found a house!

Alysha said...

hooray for the last day of school!!!! those baskets are super cute. great idea

Jennifer said...

Yay for the last day of school!!! I can't believe Sean's going to be done today too. I'm very excited though :-) You're going to see so much of Reg you won't know what to do with him ;-) Enjoy the house hunting, and let me know what you find

Let the party begin... said...

How incredible that must feel to be done...congratulations!!!! I like that you put all your favorite eats on those baskets, lol.

The Blakeney's said...

i love love love cupcakes. any reason to bake them, i'm on it. easter sounds like a perfect excuse. and now i know how to decorate them too.

yay for regan being done school. congrats!!!

Lora said...

How exciting that Regan is all done med school! The cupcakes were so adorable and so yummy!! Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

wow last day of med school...crazy! bet you never thought that day would come! Very cute cupcakes...yum

Crystal said...

Congratulations to Regan!! And to you and the kids who have lived this journey with him! I remember when you were debating about him applying when you were still in NS :))

You are such a great mom - doing all these crafts with your kids. Happy Easter to all of you1