Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In the Craftroom: Easter Crafts

Loved all the book recommendations.
I've read some of them, but some are new to me. I'll be looking some up!!
Interesting that ya'll are readers like me.

Since Easter is fast approaching, we needed some fun crafts around here.
We did these on Friday morning.
Super easy.
Just draw an egg shape onto white paper.
Use cut up squares of scraps of paper.
And glue them on.
I scrunched mine up first and then glued them down.
(tissue paper looks cute like this but we went with what we had around the house.)

Lucy went with the grab and glue effect.

Alden got bored of the gluing quite quickly and instead went for drawing and writing instead.

Tomorrow I'll show you the CUTE easy cupcakes we made last night for our Easter Family Home Evening for our neighbors and friends.


Let the party begin... said...

It's amazing how different kids are when you get them to do the same thing, lol! I'm still getting everything ready for our annual easter egg hunt. I just hope I can remember where I put the plastic eggs this year.

Susie said...

yep wanna eat.. I mean see the cupcakes. Walked by Magnolia's the other day...

Jess said...

I remember making that craft when I was little. What a cute idea.

Jessie said...

I love doing this. We did an entire pumpkin for Halloween this year complete with a black cat cut out!

LindsayB said...

cute stuff! i should be crafty tomorrow. you better post about the cupcakes. how do you feel about some easter egg cupcake pops this weekend? we should make them if you guys are coming down.

Kristi said...

I love how Alden just got bored and moved on to drawing! That shows leadership skills to me...good idea but I think I'll go this way!