Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today I am

worrying about how much the van is going to cost to get fixed.

exhausted from another night of bad sleep by Eli.

pondering my talk topic for an upcoming talk in church

watching more kids.

designing logos for my brothers' business

wanting to spend time scrapbooking

wishing the house I liked hadn't sold yet

waiting for monday when we find out where we are moving too for residency

sick and tired of cold weather

editing photos from this shoot.


what about you... what are you up to?


Christina said...

Baking bread, making crackers, and reading to my kids, so far today.

If the day continues to go well I hope to get showered and out of my pajamas - we'll see!

Amy said...

I'm reading your blog, ha ha.
Did Eli fall off the good sleeping bandwagon? Take a nap!

Isackson Family said...

I am missing Ian who was sent to work out of town for 2 weeks. I am wishing these 9 months would pass more quickly so I can have my baby and I am visiting my family in Edmonton so I wasn't all alone in Lloyd. I am also excited to hear where you will be posted and wishing you the best!

Mostly Sara said...

I am working at my job, listening to some good tunes and starting my own blog today yay!

Let the party begin... said...

Today I'm wishing that two of my kids would just learn to listen like they use to...realizing how much I took staying at home for granted and really wish I didn't have to work everyday...needing to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

LindsayB said...

staying in! cleaning house and making stew and buns. thinking about you guys and your soon to be decided fate. yikes! nothing like having no control of where you'll be living for the next 2 years.

Lora said...

I spent most of my day cleaning, had a visit with Meaghan, just finished helping Josie with her homework and now I'm waiting for supper :)

Crystal said...

Subbing alot, trying to get an outfit together for the wedding, plowing through snow, attempting (half heartedly!) to keep the counter free of dishes because the dishwasher isn't working, spending (too much) time on the computer. Thanks for asking :)

Is staying in Calgary a possibility? I know someone who will really miss you if you move :(

whitney said...

Waiting to see where you will be living - I thought it was tomorrow!?
Filling holes, sanding, and painting while Brad is at the shop building a kitchen cupboard for us.
Hoping to list the house by next week.
Being very excited for the time change this weekend and hoping it helps the kids not get up at 7 every morning.
Hoping Eli sleeps better for you.

Carmen said...

You know, the Lower Mainland is a GREAT place to be posted for residency!! hint hint We don't have snow and it's not cold... Just saying... Good luck with the van.

Melissa said...

Dont worry - things with work out!! ((HUGS)). I am excited to hear your placement as well!

MonaS! said...

working and more working. Sounds like life is pretty busy for you! I am interested to hear where you will be going for residency.

Susie said...

just counting down till the weekend I hope. I think Calgary south would be good placement!

Jewels said...

did laundry today :) and now i'm wide awake after dealing with some noisy tenants... wondering where you'll get sent to and hoping it'll be what you want!