Monday, March 02, 2009

8 Months

Eli at 8 months:
• going to bed at 7pm and getting up at 6:30 - 7am (he didn't get the memo that we sleep in around here)
• started getting up at 3am for some milk for the past few weeks
• is crawling everywhere
• climbed up to our first landing all by himself yesterday (and really FAST too!)
• loves to walk around the furniture (cruising)
• loves being tossed onto the couch (he laughs so hard when we do this!)
• is constantly pushing himself to learn more, try more, etc
• frequently stands up holding onto something, grabs something in his hands and then just lets go of whatever he was holding on to (making himself fall)
• frequently hurts himself (see previous one)
• wants to go into Alden's or Lucy's room - all the time
• thinks the kids jumping is so funny
• is eating everything except eggs, honey and peanut butter
• can drink from a cup (he loves cow's milk)
• cries when I leave the room (or if he hears my voice in another room
• can sit without support
• can "rake" a small toy toward him on the floor and pick it up.
• can get into a sitting position from her stomach.
• looks for dropped objects.
• gets upset when I take something away or when I walk out of the room
• can wave the queen wave
• LOVES to sit at the piano and bang on the keys
• is super hard at church now that he gets around
• loves to read books
• is pretty much always standing up in his bed when I go in to get him
• loves to eat crackers and those little freeze dried star shaped things
• is getting really hard to take a picture of since he keeps crawling away......
• really is such a sweet heart!

• seen here with his three boy cousins all born within 6 months of each other


Amy said...

All the stages are so fun, good for you for recording it. You have an adorable baby. Cute cousin picture, I think I can tell which one is Brian and Erin's. Second from the left?

Susie said...

Uhhh 7am is totally sleeping in ok. He might not survive at my house .. I never though peanut butter we be such a staple. He looks like he might be walking before Lucy's 15 months we'll see it's hard to say FOR SURE

Heather M. said...

he is sooooo cute! i can't get over how much he moves already! wow! love the cousins photo too!

LindsayB said...

sounds like he is a bit different from his siblings in the go go go department! and my sorrows to you about 7 am. yes, poor susie, but i understand. my kids haven't slept in past 7:30 since being babysat by grandma. cute pics, all of 'em.

Let the party begin... said...

I know I have said this before but what beautiful blue eyes. I love the photo of him and his cousins. I can't believe how much your kids have grown.

Drennans said...

Oh he's soo cute! Those big eyes!

KellyLady said...

He is so cute and so fun! I love the months when they start doing so many new things!

JA Crew said...

he's so cute! i can't believe he's walking around furniture! i can't even get will to sit up by himself yet.