Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lie to me baby

Last night at 4:30 am (I guess I should say this morning) I told a lie.
I have been into Eli's room about 3 times, one of which lasted 30 minutes.
(He's not feeling well.)
Lucy had woken up screaming, just as I had gotten back into bed from Eli.
Regan usually responds to the older two (since they rarely get up).
He went in and she told him there was something touched her while she was sleeping.
A bug apparently. It was sitting on her bed. To calm her down, he turned on the light, showed her there was nothing there and then snuggled with her for a few minutes before leaving her to go back to sleep.
20 minutes later I was just leaving Eli's room again. And I notice Lucy's light on.
So I open the door and ask her what she is doing.
She says she has to pee. And I take her to the bathroom.
When I take her back to bed, she tells me that her and her babies (she apparently has "tons of kids" future octo-mom?) are going to cry when I leave.
I ask why.
She says cause something is sitting on her bed.
(at this point I am thinking reading the book Nightmare in my closet was a bad idea before bed)
I turn on the light again and show her nothing is there.
She tells me she's going to cry because "a bug touched her, that's why dad came in here."
I said "I know, dad stepped on it and killed it."
She responds "well what kind was it?"
I guess... "a spider?"
She responds "oh good. good night."

So was it worth it...... um totally.

A friend from out east told me that she used to tell her kids that you weren't allowed to go on wet grass in the morning. As in, it's against the law. Her kids would ask to go outside first thing. And she didn't have a fenced yard and she didn't want to go outside at 7:30 am to watch her kids play. She wanted to hang out in her pjs.

We had a dog that I thought had run away for years (I mean years), I learned after I was married that he died another way. My dad just shrugged his shoulders when I asked.

My oldest brother thought for years that if you shot grouse a certain way they would always land at your feet.

According to a survey in the March Redbook parents more than 84% of parents admit to lying to their kids at least once a month.

I've heard of kids who were told elves or some other thing would come at night and take all the toys away if they didn't clean them up...

How about you?
Ever told a lie to your kids?
Or been told one?
Or do you think truth no matter what....Even if it's 4:30am and you have only slept about 2 hours?

Speaking the little sick guy....

I find him like this about 20 times a day. (well maybe not 20.... but a lot!)

The first thing he does when you set him down is crawl over to the couch, walk along it and over to the piano and start to play.


Kristi said...

Oh yes I've lied. But not to my kid...he doesn't need a good lie yet. (but oh...I will lie for sure) I used to work as a Teaching Assistant with special needs kids,(I've done many random jobs) and my kid always used to say "Kristi, make me laugh" Like a bazillion times a day. So one day I told her I couldn't anymore because the funny police were hiding behind the curtain on the gym stage and if I make any jokes they'll make me pay a ticket. It worked. It was great! She probably told her mother and the woman either cursed me or praised me.

Let the party begin... said...

I love that one Kristi...I probably have lied to my kids like that, in fact I know I have. I just can't remember...old age, I guess.

Alex and Kellie Lambert said...

I totally plan on doing..."the Toy Thief will come take your toys away if they're not cleaned up"

And I'm sure there will be a thousand more opportunities for little white lies.

KellyLady said...

I totally endorse any lie that allows a sleep deprived parent to get out of a room and into bed. And yes, I've told a few white ones to my children...and I'm sure there will be a few more to come. Sometimes it just comes down to a whilt lie or your sanity. Sanity wins hands down in my house!

whitney said...

Isn't there some book out there about lying to kids - says something like if it comes from a mom it's not a lie.
Good guess on the spider!
Loving the picture from above!

Carmen said...

Okay, sure! Sometimes these "white" lies are necessary for survival! Now we are talking simple, stupid things - NOT huge lies that will damage children forever!! Heck, Ethan asks every night before he goes to bed when Marc will be home. If I say the real time of 10pm, Ethan begins to panic because it is too late... If I say 9pm Ethan is fine and goes to bed and falls right asleep. Huh?? So really I have no problem with saying 9 pm.

Susie said...

anyone who says they have never lied to their child is most likely lying.

Val said...

Yup...I'm a big fibber. The best is the Vacuum grimlen that lived in the central vac. He loves polly pocket shoes.

MonaS! said...

Yes, I have lied to my kids too. When they thought there were monsters in their closet, we put colored water into a spray bottle and called it "Monster spray" and we sprayed it in their room at might before bed. Keeps the monsters away!

I also have a tooth fairy lie that the kids still believe!

M&J Smith Family said...

Of course we've all told little white lies. Sometimes I view it as using my imagination as Elania is using her imagination. Makes me laugh just thinking of all the times we've had to! One time though was really hard to do and it was pretending that the soother fairy came and took her soothers away. That was the hardest one I've ever had to do as she was heartbroken. The soother fairy did replace the soothers with all the stuffed Backyardigans. It only took her two days to get over the soother but it also broke my heart having her go through it.

Also had to white lie about her using "Ava's" portable potty to train on when in fact Ava never actually used that same potty. But it meant a lot to Elania to use the "same" potty as Ava. I'm sure I could go on and on!

Heather M. said...

yep, i've done it too.

Amy said...

I agree with Carmen, lie away Rhonda and get some sleep ha ha. Great pictures of Eli (and Lucy, love her huh? face), your kids are all so gorgeous.

LindsayB said...

lie once a month? more like once a day. i should probably cut back. most of mine do revolve around getting kids to bed. for some reason i think they will forget about it in the morning.