Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Alden: "mom are we going to a public library?"
M: "yes"
A: "Do they have public movies?"
M: "All movies are public."
Dad:" Alden do you know what public means?"
A: "No"
D: "Public means anyone can use it."
A: "Do they have public car transporters?"
D: "No"
A: "Hey mom, look we're coming up to a public swimming pool!"

Last night during Family Home Evening about love Dad asked a question about love.
Dad: "Is there anyone we aren't supposed to love?"
Lucy: "We aren't supposed to love strangers."
Alden: (said while pointing his hand at her like a gun) "Lucy, that's totally right!"

i love recording what my kids say. It's so funny.
And i love using it on scrapbook pages...





and one of Eli


Let the party begin... said...

WOW! You are so creative...I always need to look at someone else's ideas before I can come up with one of my own. You definitely captured your kids beautifully.

Amy said...

I LOVE the "tunnels" page ha ha! Sounds like a successful LOVE FHE last night. Kids are so funny, I try to journal the goofy things my kids do and say as often as I can.

whitney said...

Love your pages.
Love your last post too. I think everyone is feeling like that right now, so at least you aren't along. Maybe it has something to do with the tease that is spring!
I don't have anything left in my sugar hiding place, I ate it over the past few days!

Carmen said...

Awesome layouts! You have inspired me to do one for Bella - the chatter queen... Thanks for always sharing!

Melissa said...

oh my GOODNESS your kids CRACK ME UP! Where do these tunnels go? I almost peed!! ROFL! All of those pages just simply rock!!

Heather M. said...

I love your layouts! Gorgeous stuff! Kids say the best things, don't they?!?!