Thursday, January 29, 2009

Carseats and Superpowers

A: "Hey mom, did you know I have sweet skills?"
M: "No, I didn't"
A: "well I do, sweet feet and arm skills."

Questions you asked yesterday....

And for the car seats.
Lucy's three tickets
1. Shoulder straps were not tight enough - he could fit in three fingers
2. the seat belt holding in her car seat wasn't tight enough (you are supposed to kneel on the seat and then buckle it in - he did it to show me....)
3. the top anchor wasn't hooked into the seat
1. He had slipped the car seat from off his shoulder (I am always telling him not to do that.... but he does anyways)
1. Shoulder straps were not tight enough - he could fit in two and a half fingers
2. the seat belt holding in his car seat wasn't tight enough

You are only supposed to be able to fit in two fingers, not three and certainly not two and a half.....

Regan is applying in BC and Saskatchewan and Alberta. Mostly rural places but some urban too. Our first choice is Rural Alberta South based out of Lethbridge. But we'll see what happens. He is off to Vancouver tomorrow night for the BC ones.

And then we get to have some time with him for 10 days.
Which we are badly in need of.


Emily Murdock said...


When does Regan have to put in his choices? Is match day the same as here?
We'll be praying for you. It's an exciting time in your lives!!!

Emily Murdock said...

Ps "Yikes" was all I could say about the car seats. I have never heard of these sting operations they set up in Calgary, are they new?

Jessie said...

I love that rabbit mask! I think that I will be double checking my kids carseats tommorrow to make sure that I am not give the same wonderful wake up call!

threecows said...

sorry sis... i understand but for those of us who have to go scrape kids out of their parents cars after an accident, we understand the car seat nazis. dead kid 911 calls are no fun - i promise. really really promise. i've been there.

Carolyn said...

OMGoodness, how cute is that?! They are fantastic pcitures. I love how saturated the colours are and the texture is fantastic.

Jodi Pilling said...

so cute Rhonda! LOVE the texture you used. Good job!

Melissa said...

oh my gosh! First - Alden is SUPER cute (super HERO cute!!) LOL

Second- it sounds like that cop was on a serious power trip!!! I mean...come on! I understand safety, but that sounds excessive.

Lora said...

I have a book that Alden might like to read... It's Superlapin(super bunny) It's in French so we can't read it yet. Maybe Regan can read it to the kids when he gets back?

JA Crew said...

that's crazy! good to know though. Now I'll be checking my carseats to make sure they're in right.
good luck with the applications.
you'll go where you're supposed to be. i LOVE those pictures! super cute!!

LindsayB said...

c'mon rhonda, 2 and a HALF fingers, you should be ashamed. if that ever happens to me hopefully derek and his fat fingers are with me! and good thing alli wasn't around to expose my raymond driving secerts.

The Blakeney's said...

hahah sweet arm and feet skills. i love it :)

i always worry that i dont have the car seat strapped in tight enough. yikes.

Heather M. said...

love those photos! alden is awesome!

and i still can't believe he gave you 6 tickets. i totally get your brothers point but still 6?!?!?! man, oh man. did you go to the class yet? how was it?