Saturday, January 24, 2009

This little girl

We went on too dinner tonight as a family.
She asked to go to the bathroom.
So I take her.
Just before I sit her on the toilet she says, "oh well I just peed."
I put her on anyways.
And check her diaper.
It's soaked.
I don't have another one.
So I tell her she has to go without anything and just have her pants on.
She says: "Alright I get to be Maked (her term for naked)."
I say: "No, you just don't have any diaper or panties. Well technically you call it commando."
She says "Huh?"
Me: "nothing"
So we walk out to the table where the waitress is clearing a few dishes and Lucy announces, quite loudly, "I have nothing on my bum guys!"

Seen here playing in Alden's room with her new cape from Christmas I made her, playing with Lego while Alden's at school.

And here with me...

She really is full of spice.
And NO she's still NO potty trained.


Jewels said...

what a cutie :) and I love that you made her a cape for Christmas - what a fun mom you are!

JA Crew said...

i LOVE that first picture. they're all cute, but i LOVE that one!

Jodi Pilling said...

awww so cute! Kids are really comical aren't they...they will say anything ANYTIME!

Heather M. said...

She is so beautiful and full of life and makes me so happy when I see her playing with my girl!

Anonymous said...

that little trickster...

Lora said...

That's too funny!!

Anonymous said...

That is a great maked story. Great pictures. Thanks for the very delicious donuts and "sin"ammon buns.